Communication between daughter and father becomes more complex as the daughter grows up

Communication between daughter and father becomes more complex as the daughter grows up
Fathers and daughters – from a psychiatrist’s point of view. Communication between fathers and daughters becomes more complex over time as daughters grow up. Many fathers really want to help their daughters solve life’s difficulties and forget occasional crises
A frequent reason for arguments between parents (especially fathers) and young daughters are frequent outings in the late evening hours and constant correspondence with friends via mobile phones. These situations disrupt home peace and a good atmosphere. Because of this, no one feels comfortable in their own home. Psychiatrists and psychoanalysts believe that this should not be “made into a drama” or a big event. It is necessary to calm down the situation, but not in any way – psychiatrists further explain.
Fathers take care of their daughter’s every action during the period of adolescence. Fathers closely monitor their daughter’s friends, behavior, potential boyfriend, and all events related to her life. The daughters proudly and often bring the boy to the home to meet all the family members and parents. Daughters expect enthusiasm from family members and fathers. Sometimes enthusiasm does not appear, but parents’ opposition to any relationship. In these situations, the father needs to understand some facts of life.
Boys and girls mature during puberty and often make a lot of mistakes
Love experiences at an early age are necessary because they guide children’s lives in their mature years. The father should give his daughter permission and the opportunity to choose, and encourage her when she needs his support the most. Of course, the parents/guardians decide whether the daughter can spend the night outside the home and stay outside the home for a longer period. It should be mentioned that all situations have their own time of events. Life is not only youth and one should have a measure in the events of vital importance.
A father who does not want to talk about his daughter’s boyfriends and male friends refuses to accept his daughter’s femininity. That is why communication between father and daughter will be difficult or even interrupted. And the girl will suffer without her father’s support and will not manage to discover her femininity. Moreover, the father’s non-recognition of his daughter’s femininity can cause a conflict and end in resistance to the father. The girl then connects even more with the boy who loves her just like that.
The way a daughter dresses takes a special place in the relationship between daughters and fathers
The clothes of today’s girls are sometimes “free”, sexy and full of chains, oddities or even gothic motifs.
Parents/guardians can set the limit, but they should not interfere with the choice of wardrobe.
Otherwise, the parents spoil the daughter’s pleasure in the search and transformation from a girl into a young woman. The way of dressing includes the mother-daughter relationship, which in some cases is also a sign of rivalry. That is why it is necessary in the family to preserve the father’s position in such “women’s issues” – say psychiatrists. Therefore, the father does not ask directly, but he should express his own opinion and praise the clothes in which his daughter looks beautiful.
School grades are often a stumbling block in the father-daughter relationship. The father expects success in school from his own child, but he needs to give support, encouragement and help the child gain independence for further education. However, a father who is exclusively concerned with the child’s career, school and intellectual success, while neglecting socializing and his daughter’s choice of friends, going out and moments of rest, is not aware of the harmfulness of this orientation. A girl can give her maximum and more than that to satisfy all her father’s wishes. Such a girl can one day simply “break” (that is, leave school and go astray). That is why it is important to find a balance between work-rest-school duties-satisfaction. Parents (especially the father) should help the daughter to develop work habits and form needs, but consciously, because it should be her wish and not the parents’ wish.
Raising a child is the concern of both parents
Both mother and father need to identify and distinguish between good and bad behavior. However, they should not rigidly insist on that. The child should be given the opportunity to talk with adults/guardians even when he makes an inappropriate incident. Parents should be firm in their attitudes but not have judgmental behavior towards children. Parents should tell their daughter that they don’t approve of bad grades in school, drug use and premature pregnancy, for example. But despite these prohibitions, daughters should be told that they should not be afraid of adult family members if they make a mistake. Your daughter needs to know this opinion and have confidence in her parents if anything happens. This is always better than hearing about an unpleasant event from others (neighbors, daughter’s friends, professors, etc.).
If the parent notices the child’s nervousness and agitation, then it is best to set aside more time for socializing and talking with each other.

Take your daughter to a pleasant place or for a walk where she feels better and it will be easier for her to tell you a secret or some unpleasant news. Listen to your daughter in a relaxed manner and let her think aloud about solutions to the situation. Offer help and discretion if the daughter finds a solution on her own. This will definitely encourage your daughter to polish will solve any problem. Only afterwards should the parent suggest to the child what he should no longer do in life.

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