Spring birch sap is beneficial for health and vitality

Spring birch sap is beneficial for health and vitality
The whole spectrum of medicinal properties is found in the bark and leaves of the birch. Water or real tea is used from birch, which has a beneficial effect on the body.
A birch tree (Latin betula pendula) naturally filters over 100 liters of water through its roots. It absorbs many minerals and nutrients. Birch sap is collected in an interesting way: by simply piercing the bark of the tree, where the sap drips drop by drop into a container or bag. This is where water is squeezed from the birch tree, which is an incredible gift from nature.
Birch water is a 100% natural and organic drink obtained by extracting/collecting water from wood. In northern countries (Scandinavia, Russia, Baltic states) this drink has been used for hundreds of years. The drink is a tonic, food supplement or used for medicinal purposes. In recent years, the drink has been popular in the rest of Europe and the world. Breza water is obtained from ecologically clean mountain areas.
Birch water has a hydrating, energetic and refreshing effect
The liquid from the birch tree has a slightly sweet taste. It contains a lot of minerals, vitamins (mostly vitamins B and C), amino acids and enzymes.
Birch tea is an excellent diuretic, so it is a good option for people with kidney diseases.

It is recommended for people who have stones and sand in the kidneys. The accumulated toxins are thrown out of the body with regular use of birch tea. It is good for people with arthritis and rheumatism. The tea can be used for external use. Rinse your hair with tea if you have dandruff. For any skin changes (rash, acne, etc.), apply compresses with birch tea.
Birch water is obtained directly from the bark of the tree. Birch juice can only be obtained once a year, i.e. during the spring, and in limited quantities. A large birch tree can give about 3 liters of quality sap, while young birch trees are not recommended for extracting sap. Birch juice this pure can only be used for a few days or can be bottled for later use.
7 benefits of using birch juice

  1. Strengthening immunity – birch water is great for strengthening the body’s immunity and resistance due to the content of vitamins, minerals and nutrients.
  2. It has a beneficial effect on cholesterol-saponin (a component of birch sap) has the property of lowering blood cholesterol (according to research).
  3. Cleans the body from poisons – birch water helps eliminate excess salt (sodium), phosphates, uric acid, ammonia and certain drugs.
  4. Strengthens the work of the liver – regular use eliminates harmful substances (poisons and fats). Thus, it strengthens the work of the liver, which plays a significant role in the functioning of the entire organism.
  5. It gives the skin radiance and a youthful appearance – it helps the growth of dermal and epidermal cells, so the skin tone is clearer.
  6. Birch water can be used to wash the face. It has a beneficial effect on skin problems (acne, rash, etc.) due to its anti-inflammatory properties. This method of use restores elasticity to the skin and preserves its youthful appearance.
  7. Improves dental health – birch water contains xylitol (a natural sugar that neutralizes a certain type of bacteria that causes tooth decay).

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