Nutrition secrets of long-lived people: Nikola Tesla

Nutrition secrets of long-lived people: Nikola Tesla
The famous Croatian scientist Nikola Tesla was one of the most prolific and creative scientists that mankind has ever had. Focused and energetic on big projects, he worked until the end of his life. Even today, people marvel at the sharpness of the genius scientist’s spirit even in his old age. It is known that Nikola Tesla had an ascetic, asexual and secluded lifestyle.
Nikola Tesla gave an interview to journalists in 1933 (at the age of 77). The answers hide part of the secret about the state of mind and body that reach a superhuman level of ability and freshness of life.
Nikola Tesla then said: “I eliminate all stimulants.” I also abstain from meat. I am convinced that coffee, tea and tobacco will not be fashionable within 100 years. Alcohol will still be used. It’s not a stimulant but the real elixir of life.” Tesla went on to explain: “Stay away from acid, stick to a mostly vegetarian diet and stick to alcohol.” It is known that Tesla drank whiskey every day. Tesla loved potatoes. Tesla used to say: “Potato is great.” It should be eaten at least once a day. It contains valuable mineral salts and is neutralized in the body.” Tesla firmly believed in the importance of exercise. “I believe that you need to practice a lot. Every day I walk 12 to 16 kilometers and never take a taxi or other means of transport if I have time to walk. I exercise every day in the bath because I think it’s important. I lie in a cold bath, followed by a cold shower,” said Tesla.
Tesla’s strict daily regime follows an interesting relationship to sleep (contrary to the popular claims of the scientific community and government agencies about the importance of 8 hours of sleep a night). Tesla explained: “I come from a long-lived family, but we are all bad sleepers. I expect to live at least 100 years like my ancestors. I’m not worried about lack of sleep. Sometimes I rest for an hour or a little more. I sleep 4 to 5 hours only occasionally or once every few months. Then I wake up charged with energy like a battery. Nothing can stop me during such a night, because then I feel enormous strength. There is no doubt that sleep restores energy and that sleep increases energy. But sleep is not decisive for one’s betterment, especially if these people usually sleep short.” Age was no obstacle for people like Tesla. At the age of 77, Tesla said: “I have never felt better than I do now.” I have a lot of energy and all mental functions work normally. In my earlier life, I didn’t have the energy I have now.” Tesla was fascinatingly efficient in his old age. “Contrary to popular belief, work is easier for older people if they are in good health, because during years of practice they have learned how to get to a certain place by the shortest route.” Tesla believed that healthy habits should be developed from an early age.
“Our state of mind and body in old age is a confirmation of our youth. The secret of my own strength and vitality is that I had a pious lifestyle in my youth.” Journalists were then interested in Tesla’s plan for a long and healthy life. “Many are sad and depressed because of the transience of life. But they are not aware that they can prolong their lives if they make an effort. But human beings do many things that shorten their path to the grave even before their time. He added that there are many things that make people unproductive, one of which is bad nutrition. People are eating too many of the wrong kinds of food and drinking the wrong kinds of liquids. Most of the damage is done by overeating and not exercising enough. This contributes to toxic conditions in the body and makes it impossible to expel accumulated poisons.”
Tesla drank a lot of milk and water and took great care of his stomach.
Tesla ate two meals a day and avoided all acid-forming foods. Tesla ate fresh vegetables and rarely fish and meat. He said that almost everyone eats a lot of beans and peas and other foods that contain uric acid and other poisons. Fish is a well-known food for the brain, but it has strong acidic reactions (because it contains a lot of phosphorus). And the acidity of the organism is by far the biggest enemy that must be fought in old age – said Tesla. John O’Neill was Tesla’s friend and biographer. In the book “The Unsurpassed Genius – The Life of Nikola Tesla” he testifies about Tesla’s practice of pranayama and deep breathing from yoga. The book was published in 1944. The author writes: “Tesla found that all his life he felt an unusual experience if he breathed deeply. Then a feeling of lightness came over him, as if his body was losing weight and he could fly through the air by the power of his will. In his childhood, he did not know that he was unusual in this respect.”
In the autobiographical book “My Inventions: The Autobiography of Nikola Tesla” he writes about the daily menu published in the old Electrical Experimenter article and on the Tesla Universe web portal.
Nikola Tesla’s menu was simple according to the scriptures
Breakfast is warm milk and eggs. Dinner was fresh stalks of celery, soup, chicken, potatoes and a glass of light wine. A snack is a piece of cheese and an apple.
Recipe for Tesla’s celery soup: Chop 2 pieces of garlic. Sauté in olive oil over low heat until the garlic turns golden. Clear 5 stalks (leaves) of celery and cut into smaller pieces. Add to 1.5 liters of water. Cook celery and add garlic. Add one tablespoon of parsley after 20 minutes. Cook for another 5 minutes and strain. Save the water in which you cooked the celery. Put the ingredients from the soup into a blender and add 2 more pieces of garlic. Simmer until you get a unique mixture. Add one glass of celery water to the cream soup. Add salt and pepper and mix the mixture. Add a little more water if you like a more liquid soup.

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