State-Bank-of-India offers free online course “Making Impactful Presentations”

State-Bank-of-India offers free online course “Making Impactful Presentations”. The training is intended for people who want to learn design and present interesting and efficient presentations with maximum impact to achieve the desired and realistic results.
Field: communication
The course offers learning about:
• the nuances of designing and making impressive presentations
• why consensus and agreement are needed when creating a presentation
• how to ensure the appropriate and desired outcome
• how to succeed in key conversations
• skills of persuasion, motivation and communication with the audience
• a large number of ideas, techniques and approaches that will help you become an outstanding presenter
• to teach, nurture and support your colleagues
The course lasts approximately four weeks (one to three hours per week). After registration, all materials are available, so the course can always be followed according to one’s own wishes and free time. The course is free and conducted in English. The certificate is paid for if the course participant wants a certificate. This course is available until December 31, 2022. years.
The participant must know the English language.
HOW TO APPLY: You can apply via

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