The recipe for brewing beer is the oldest recipe ever found

The recipe for brewing beer is the oldest recipe ever found
The recipe for brewing beer is the oldest recipe ever found. It was written in the form of a poem on a stone tablet more than 5,000 years ago.
So-called lager beers or “bottom boiling” beers are the most consumed in the world. They are obtained by fermenting beer wort using different strains of a pure yeast culture of the Saccharomyces uvarum species. Fermentation starts at 6°C to 8°C and is therefore called cold fermentation. Ends at 9°C to 18°C. The yeast settles at the bottom of the container. Lager beer is drunk chilled at 5-14°C in a glass. Thus it gives a rich and lasting foam. It has a full taste due to the relatively large proportion of unfermented extract. It has pronounced bitterness and aroma of hops.
Bjorn Premium – light lager beer Tuzla
Sarajevo light lager beer
Sarajevo premium light lager beer
Nectar light lager beer
Preminger-light lager beer (
Ožujsko light lager beer Croatia ( )
Laško svjetlo lager beer Slovenia (
Sarajevo Premium is a light lager beer. It is produced from barley malt, hops, natural spring water and yeast. Premium is a special drink due to its aroma from malt and hops. The alcohol content is 4.9% and the extract is 12%. It is available in returnable glass bottles of 0.5 l and 0.33 l, in a non-returnable glass bottle of 0.33 l and a can of 0.5 l.
Wheat hazy beer – beer made from wheat malt is especially popular in the German state of Bavaria. It is called weissbier (white), or heffe weizen. A special high-fermenting yeast gives a special note to wheat beers. Yeast produces certain aromatic compounds: phenols, which usually give aromas of cloves, and esters, which give fruity aromas (especially banana and kaugum, but also others such as ripe apple, quince, etc.).
Leffe Belgium
Carlsberg Denmark
Erdinger, Benedictine, Bitburger Germany
Corona (tequila flavored beer) Mexico
Bavaria The Netherland
Staropramen, Praha, Krušovice – Czech Republic
4 popular types of beer glasses
A mug is a glass into which lagers, pilsners are poured, and it can also be used for dark beers and even “pale ales”. This is a general purpose glass. It is suitable for various beer tasks. It is important that the wall of the mug is of optimal thickness. This way the temperature of the beer is preserved. The handle prevents the heat of the palm from heating up the beer.
Pilsner glass – it is best to pour pilsner beer and some light lager into this kind of glass. The glass (without curves and dents) steadily expands towards the top.
Snifter glass – This type of glass with a foot can be used to pour various types of beer (from pale ale to stout). It is important to remember that beers with strong aromas are poured into this glass. The glass should be placed in the palm of the hand while drinking beer. This way the beer will warm up and release its smell and taste.
Tall beer glass – this type of glass best emphasizes the aromas of wheat beers. When pouring, the glass should be slightly tilted so that not a lot of foam is created. Straighten the glass when you pour the beer to the expansion. Then pour the beer straight into the middle. The result is a persistent foam on top of the glass.
The first cans of beer were produced in 1935. Brewers were looking for a way to deliver beer to homes after people started visiting beer halls less. Smaller packaging in cans made it possible to deliver beer to homes.
Estrella Dam light beer Spain
Budweiser light premium beer Czech Republic
Budweiser Original is a light premium beer. The use of high-quality raw materials made it possible to create a delicious drink. The intense golden color, soft Roma hops and pleasant bitterness guarantee the exceptional quality of this type of beer.
Paulaner is the largest brewery in Munich (the capital of Bavaria). It is also one of six breweries that has a license to supply beer to Oktoberfest (the biggest beer celebration in the world). The secret of this brewery’s success is the use of ingredients of exceptional quality and purity.
Bayerische Staatsbrauerie Weihenstephen is the oldest brewery in the world. It was founded in 1040 near Munich.
Paulaner, Hacker Pschorr, Benedictine
Bosansko Pivo (Bosnian light beer)

Bosansko Pivo | Tel: +387 30 497 213 |
Hacker Pschorr is a grateful summer beer. Light and refreshing lager full of flavor, caramelized aromas and creamy honey taste.

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