You should keep 3 metal coins in your wallet because 3 is a family symbol

You should keep 3 metal coins in your wallet because 3 is a family symbol
The ancient Chinese study of Feng Shui is dedicated to harmonizing energy in space and happiness, health and well-being in those rooms and among the household. The Chinese words “Feng” means wind and “shui” means water. The whole concept was born from an old poem about the relationship between man and nature.
Feng shui and the bag
The ultimate goal of this system of principles is to achieve a balance between people and the environment. It is important to have a good flow of energy in the home, which should not be cluttered with objects and furniture. It’s the same with the bag you use every day. It is not good to keep old receipts and unnecessary small items in your bag, which make it difficult to find items in your bag.


Feng shui and the wallet

  1. Special principles are defined for the wallet. It is good to have a red wallet because that is what Feng Shui advises.
  2. The shape of the wallet is still crucial. The best wallet is an antique wallet like the wallets of our grandparents. It is a wallet that tapers at the top and closes with a metal clasp on the top. Today it is usually kept for small money or in the form of a memento/souvenir. The money in that wallet used to be kept only for the next day.
  3. You should always keep 3 metal coins in your wallet – advises Feng shui. Three is a symbol of family, while four is not a good number for the wallet, but it is for the house because it symbolizes the foundation of the home.
  4. Each banknote must be whole, without scratches and neatly stacked in the wallet. It is also advisable to keep fake activators in your wallet (for example, a 500 Euro banknote that is sold in notebooks for game and notes).

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