Discus is a fish with an unusual shape, beautiful patterns and a favorite in the aquarium


Discus is a fish with an unusual shape, beautiful patterns and a favorite in the aquarium
A favorite aquarium fish with an unusual shape and beautiful patterns, it got its name from the discus. A fish that resembles a discus was named “discus”. This exceptional fish originates from the Amazon (the largest and perhaps most stable eco-system in the world, which covers 4 million square km and stretches from Peru to the Atlantic Ocean).
In the aquarium, conditions similar to natural ones should be created
The water should be soft, chemically clean and slightly acidic – say experts from the Association for Ornamental Aquaculture in London (OATA). The aquarium is a closed system, so all fish excrements (which are fatal for fish) remain in the aquarium. It is recommended to look at all aspects of running an aquarium (regular water replacement, permanent water reserves, etc.) before placing the aquarium in the premises. It is recommended to make a biological tank next to the existing aquarium. It works flawlessly. If the filter does not work, then there should be an adequate amount of reserve water.
Otherwise, discus are the only freshwater fish whose beauty is similar to the beauty of sea fish
There are 2 types of discus in nature. However, there are scientists who believe that there is one species and two varieties. Commercial strains have been obtained from these natural discus, whose colors literally take your breath away. All discussions are of similar length (mostly up to 25 cm). They differ only in patterns. There are forms with high fins up to 30 cm. Experts recommend that discussions be held independently in aquariums. This is due to the fact that discus are more susceptible to parasites than other types of fish.
You should buy at least 3 specimens of discus for the home aquarium
These cichlids are social when young and like to play and socialize until they fall in love. Then they become family fish and have no interest in socializing. They are looking for a convenient corner in the aquarium where the family nest will grow. Even cleaner fish are not allowed in that part. It is a pleasure to watch the love dance of these fish. They twist around each other with a slight sway. Before they spawn. Discus under one year old are not mature enough for parental duties. A new spell begins as soon as the young are born. Both male and female change color. Their bodies are covered with a nutritious slime that some call “fish milk”. Trembling parents invite the young to a meal, which pounce on one of the parents to eat from his body. The cubs feed off the father’s body while the mother rests and vice versa. The milk dries up after 8 to 10 days. Then nutrition should be included. Some breeders recommend that the cubs be fed every 2 hours to have bright color patterns. Or the cubs can be fed once a night.
Adults should be fed one to three times a day
The rule is to pour into the aquarium the amount of food that the fish will eat in a minute.
Discus fish need a little more time. It is necessary to make sure that there is no uneaten food left in the aquarium that decomposes in the water and pollutes the water.
Discus (and the whole family of cichlids) are very intelligent fish
The Japanese use these fish in games of chance. In public aquariums, these fish draw lottery numbers.
Do not take the fish in your hands if you want to move the fish
This is very painful for these fish – it’s like peeling off their skin. Put the fish in a wet towel if you need to move the fish to another aquarium. Do this exclusively at night, i.e. in the dark, because such migration is very stressful for these fish.
By the way, aquarium technology improves and advances every day, so the acquisition of all types of fish is easier and faster than before.


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