Dry dehydrated granulated food is ideal for dogs (and cats) during heat and travel

Dry dehydrated granulated food is ideal for dogs (and cats) during heat and travel
Climate changes in recent years have been felt everywhere in the world. It is not unusual, for example, that tropical heat during the summer becomes normal today in the continental part of Europe. Pets also have a hard time coping with hot summer days because they cannot turn on the air conditioner, wave a fan or turn on the ventilation.

There are a few simple rules and tips for pets (dogs) to feel comfortable during the hot summer.

  1. Containers for food and water should be regularly washed and disinfected during the summer. Heat favors the development of bacteria, fungi and food spoilage, but alimentary intoxication (food poisoning) can also occur – say veterinarians.
  2. Dry granulated food is ideal during heat and travel. It is dehydrated food, so the possibility of spoilage is reduced to a minimum. Food should not stand for a long time. The dog (and other pets) should be given fresh drinking water often.
  3. Some animals, just like humans, refuse food during heat. Then a meal in the evening is preferable. Dogs (they have a specific thermoregulation system), so the same rule applies to walking with dogs. You should go for a walk in the early morning and evening hours.
  4. Dogs and cats can get heatstroke or sunstroke (due to high temperature, increased air humidity, increased air pressure and long-term exposure to the sun). The head, neck, chest and groin of the animal should be periodically wetted with water to avoid these discomforts. Otherwise, these inconveniences should be taken seriously because they can unfortunately cause a fatal outcome – death.
  5. During the summer, animals should not be exposed to excessive physical activity, they should not be left in a stuffy room, in a car even for a few minutes – emphasize the veterinarians. The animal should be taken to the vet as soon as possible if heatstroke occurs.
  6. Most dogs love water (unlike cats). During the summer, dogs enjoy swimming in the river, lake, sea, and ocean. However, don’t take your dog swimming at noon when the sun is at its zenith. Take the dog for a bath early in the morning or later in the afternoon.
  7. In recent decades, there has been a lot of talk about small but dangerous animals/creatures due to changes in climate conditions. These creatures can be carriers of viruses of some diseases. These are, for example, ticks.
  8. Veterinarians always insist that animals that leave the house need proper protection. Be sure to check your dog or cat every time after a walk.

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