The meaning of sport fishing is an abundant catch, fishing for “first class copy” but also fishing for small species of fish – which are then returned to the water.

The meaning of sport fishing is an abundant catch, fishing for “first class copy” but also fishing for small species of fish – which are then returned to the water.
Fishermen from Western European countries and other countries in the world in recent decades especially like to hunt for trout in mountain streams and rivers. This activity is actually a combination of fishing, easy hiking and hiking along mountain streams. This sport originated in France. It was originally intended for business people from large urban areas. The sport quickly spread to other countries that adjoin these mountains.
Today, sport fishing is popular among anglers all over Europe and the world. Trout are caught with natural baits – is one of the postulates of sport fishing (although trout fishing is only allowed with artificial baits according to regulations in some countries). Sports fishing has another name, “small trout fishing”. Earthworms, worms, caviar and other things are used in the form of fishing bait. Caught fish are returned to the water (that’s why the ban on fishing for trout with natural baits loses its meaning).
Description of small trout sport fishing
For small trout fishing, long telescopic rods (4 to 5 meters), small capacity machines with 0.20 mm nylon and an even thinner lead are used. There is a clip for the lead on the basic nylon (with the clip, the lead is easily changed depending on the required weight). It is customary to place a brightly colored bead on the pre-hook that goes down to the hook and is said to increase catchability. The system does not cast, but the angler sneaks up to the place (where he assumes) with the most trout. The bait is lowered gently into the water. The waters in which trout are caught are extremely clear. The fish owl should therefore have camouflage clothing. The full equipment is the same as that of a fly fisherman. It contains everything except the famous wicker basket for caught fish.
Telescopic rods are used because they can be shortened according to needs. Mountain streams are only a few meters wide. Fishing for trout with a lure in these conditions is practically impossible. Fly fishing is too complicated for the business world. That is why hunting with natural baits is completely justified, because the caught fish is returned to the water.
A thin nylon tourniquet and 200 to 300 gram trouts provide enough adrenaline to excite the overworked businessman.
Business people with a lot of business obligations during the working week usually use weekend fishing arrangements that cost several hundred euros.

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