4 precautions when handling gardening tools

4 precautions when handling gardening tools
Gardening is a therapy that teaches us patience and relaxation. Gardening is a collection of all gardening activities, i.e. growing fruits and vegetables in the garden, growing flowers on balconies and in pots or small garden planters, etc. Hyperactive people feel relaxation when doing gardening, while gardening is a stimulation for people whose physical activity is decreasing. Meticulous analysts have calculated that gardening is the cause of 19% of injuries to people aged 45 to 60. All injuries can be avoided if certain measures are applied in a timely manner.

  1. The cause of the injury is carelessness – working with tools requires caution. The most common cause of injuries is a moment of inattention or improper use of tools. Motorized and non-motorized tools with sharp blades cause serious injury. Carefully read the instructions for handling the tools. Always use protective equipment (helmet, gloves, deep shoes or boots). If you do cut your finger, put it in a plastic bag and then in ice and water until you go to the hospital/emergency room. Wrap the injured arm lightly with a bandage and keep it upright to reduce bleeding. Do not put cotton wool or cream on the injured area.
  2. Toxic substances – the number of poisonings with means for the protection and growth of plants has decreased in recent decades. However, you should be careful with chemicals. All chemical substances should be kept locked up. Emergency services should be called immediately if poisoning (or allergy) occurs. Show the doctor/paramedics in the emergency room the product you used so they can determine the correct therapy.
  3. Back pain – this type of pain is most common in people who practice moderate physical activity, which sometimes becomes excessive. Lack of physical fitness causes lumbago and dislocation. It is always necessary to exercise a little before a person starts more physical activities. People with sensitive backs should use an orthopedic belt. In case of back pain and muscle strain, the person should bathe in warm water, drink aspirin (or paracetamol). Massage your back with a neutral Vaseline cream or another anti-inflammatory cream.
  4. Tetanus – every year in developed European countries dozens of people die from tetanus (which occurs as a wound infection with anaerobic bacteria). This germ produces a poison that attacks the nerves responsible for muscle work. The causative agent of tetanus develops in the soil and enters the body at the site of a puncture or wound. It develops best if the puncture is deep without contact with air. Children are protected by vaccination, but this is not the case with adults, especially people of the third age. One study says that older people forget to get vaccinated every 10 years. If a thorn stings or an injury causes a wound, then the wound should be pressed immediately so that some blood comes out. Wash with soap and water and then with 3% hydrogen. People who have not been vaccinated against tetanus should immediately go to a health facility and receive anti-tetanus serum.

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