Natural way against mosquitoes, spiders and moths and other useful tips

Natural way against mosquitoes, spiders and moths and other useful tips

  1. Fill small bowls with lavender oil. Place a small bowl in each room. The home will have all-day freshness. This is particularly suitable for people who are often away from home. The home will radiate freshness even though the windows have not been opened for a long time.
  2. Coat the picture frames with liquid paste for polishing floors. Then spiders, moths and other insects will not create cobwebs or nests behind the picture frame. You can protect the pictures with pieces of cardboard of the same size if the home will be empty for a long time.
  3. Moths do not like the smell of pepper. Sprinkle the corners of the pictures (from the reverse side) liberally with pepper. This will protect the pictures on the walls. Put the pepper in bowls and leave it in the corners of the room.
  4. Soft batiste tissues are great for rubbing and polishing polished furniture. Pieces of silk fabric are excellent for varnished furniture, varnished wood. Woolen cloths are great for polishing floors and shoes. Linen and flannel cloths are useful for leather items, velor and metal polishing.
  5. Fly stains on brass can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol or diluted ammonia.
  6. Lace loves beer. Moisten each piece of lace in beer and iron it to get the original finish.
  7. Use an old newspaper moistened with coffee grounds for shiny dishes.


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