5 suggestions for smaller dogs that are great in the house and apartment


5 suggestions for smaller dogs that are great in the house and apartment
Large dogs (for example, English Bulldog, Dogo Argentino, Bull Mastiff, etc.) have been a favorite of many families for the past decades. However, these large dogs are not easy to maintain or keep because they have a hard time living in smaller apartments/housing units. Small dogs are full of energy, sensitive and loyal and a true joy for their owners. Their biggest advantage is that living in apartments suits them. The mentioned breeds of dogs have 2 health problems. They have sensitive eyes because of the “pockets” around the eyes where dirt and dust can settle. The eyes should therefore be cleaned regularly, especially if they are running through tall grass that can hurt their eyes. Another problem is noisy and uneven breathing. These dogs can cough violently (especially pugs) and even then stop breathing for a moment. Many veterinarians advise a visit to the veterinarian if the breathing is too noisy.


Here are 5 suggestions for small dog breeds:

  1. French Bulldog – sensitive, smart, brave and sensitive. The French Bulldog is a small dog weighing no more than 14 kg. He used to be a rat hunter, but today he is an ideal life companion. The only problem with this dog is that it has a hard time being separated from its owner and can become jealous. It has a solid skeletal structure. It has a large square head and a muscular back. He enjoys playing with children in the apartment or in the countryside where he can be an excellent guard.
  2. The pug dog has an ancient origin and resembles a small mastiff. The pug is an extremely emotional dog. The pug was once the pet of Queen Marie Antoinette and the Duke of Windsor. He has a special way of breathing – that sound resembles a mixture of snoring and grunting. It has a glued muzzle, a black mask, deep wrinkles, bulging eyes and a smaller body. The weight can be up to 8 kg at most. It has a curled tail. The pug is attached to its owners, especially children. It is rare in Europe despite all the qualities.
  3. Belgian Griffon – this dog is curious, has a cheerful disposition and a firm character. This dog is synonymous with security. The weight is up to 4.5 kg. He has big black eyes and a hooked nose. That’s why the White Griffon is a curious and original animal. He likes staying in the apartment but also in company. Then his curiosity comes to full expression.
  4. Miniature bull terrier – this small dog has all the features of its bigger brother. This is a stubborn but strong and brave dog. It has a length of up to 35 cm. This dog is a loyal companion if it is raised non-violently from an early age. It has strong jaws and an oval head. It has a long and muscular neck and strong legs. It has the same popularity as large bull terriers.
  5. The Boston Terrier has a square skull. It has large and round eyes and ears similar to those of a bat. It has a maximum weight of 11 kg. This dog is not particularly noisy, but is a great friend to its owners. This is a brave, lively, strong and peaceful dog. This is a relative of the French Bulldog. This is a pleasant, loyal pet and patient with children. You need to have firm discipline.

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