5 tips by which hunting equipment can last a long time

5 tips by which hunting equipment can last a long time
Hunting equipment is expensive, but there are tips that will help the equipment last a long time and be in good condition.

  1. Thorough cleaning of weapons (and other parts of hunting equipment) is mandatory after the hunting season is over. Hunting pants, jackets, rucksack should be washed. Store hunting boots properly.
  2. A backpack is a necessary hunting prop. The hunter carries food, drink and caught game in a backpack. The rucksack should be washed and disinfected regularly, because over time game blood also settles in the rucksack. The canvas rots easily and the rucksack deteriorates irreversibly.
  3. Hunting boots are an indispensable part of hunting equipment. The duration of the boots depends on the terrain on which the hunt is carried out. Quality boots can last two hunting seasons on average. Hunters who hunt a lot among reeds and blackberry bushes often change two pairs of boots during one season. Put talcum powder in the boots and let them dry so that they last longer after hunting and touring the field. Do not expose to direct sunlight.
  4. Do not leave the boots folded in some dark corner of the garage or basement at the end of the season. Wash your boots. Spread with Vaseline. Leave with the sole facing up. Experienced hunters use the legs of an old chair and store the boots until the next hunting season. This is a good way to keep it. If the boots are left in the classic position, dust settles and collects. Boots often fall prey to rodents. Such a boot is ideal for rodents (mice, rats) to make a nest. Rodents not infrequently gnaw boots after such a stay. Thus, the hunter gets sandals with long soles that allow water to flow in and out without hindrance.
  5. The recommendation for hobbyist hunters is to follow the advice, because hunting equipment is expensive and the conditions for acquiring equipment are becoming more difficult.

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