Beautiful and demanding cacti have always caused admiration and attention

Beautiful and demanding cacti have always caused admiration and attention
Cacti have always attracted the admiration, attention and interest of people who like to grow and just observe plants. The inhabitants of the American continent attributed great importance to cacti. Many Indian tribes used the soft parts for food. The wooden parts of the cactus were processed and made into various decorative objects.
During important religious ceremonies, one type of round Mexican cactus in particular was the sacrificial stand. Human sacrifices were then placed on the spines of these cacti. The Indians believed in the supernatural power of the cactus. Some types of cacti were used as talismans to protect against lightning, disease and other troubles. That is why it is understandable that sailors from Europe became interested in cacti and brought home valuable gifts.
Cacti like places where there is a lot of sun. These beautiful and interesting plants are quickly propagated using pelts. However, cactus growers and florists say that it takes constant attention, care, love and knowledge to keep cacti healthy, beautiful and attractive. The biggest enemy of cacti grown outdoors is strong wind and bad weather. Cacti in pots can then fall over and be damaged, but over time these plants recover and continue to grow.
  1. First of all, new soil should be added to cacti every spring. It is necessary to replant the cactus in a suitable container if the plant has outgrown the existing pot.
  2. Cacti should be regularly fed with artificial fertilizer. Cacti should be watered regularly. In winter, once a month is enough, while in summer cacti should be watered every evening. 3. Cacti are more sensitive during autumn because they do not like frost, so the grower should be more careful. The lowest temperature that cacti can withstand is up to 3°C.
  3. A person who deals with cacti should be careful, because a cactus sting is very painful and the scars can last for years.
  4. Cacti bloom in late spring and early summer (June). It is then opened from the bud by beautiful divine flowers that last only 24 hours. After 24 hours the flowers fall off.

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