Easy and simple removal of stains from fabrics

Easy and simple removal of stains from fabrics

  1. Grass stains on white fabric – use 20% oxygen with a few drops of ammonia. Then rinse the fabric in rainwater or boiled water. Stains from colored fabrics are easily cleaned with diluted ammonia.
  2. Beer stains (from cotton, linen fabrics or canvas) – they are easily cleaned with a mixture of equal parts of alcohol and water. You can easily clean a fresh beer stain with a strong solution of salt and water.
  3. Stains on silk or wool fabric – rub with a sponge moistened in a mixture of equal parts alcohol (not rubbing alcohol) and water. Rub the stain until the slightest trace disappears. Then iron the wet fabric over a cloth of the same color (if possible).
  4. Stains on white woolen fabric – dab with a cloth moistened with diluted ammonia. Wash with soap and warm water.
  5. Egg stains on clothes – let them dry, then rub the stain with a brush. Clean the remaining traces or the outlines of the stain with warm water.
  6. Stains from linseed oil (linseed varnish) – fresh stains can be cleaned with gasoline. Clean old stains with turpentine. This advice is useful for people who coat and clean certain pieces of furniture with linseed oil.
  7. Fly stains (on silk, cotton, linen items) – wash clothes with soap and water to which you have added a little ammonia (or spirits). The same stains are removed from the metal with a brush moistened in alcohol. Or rub the stained areas with a mixture of petroleum and cigarette ash. The mixture should be mushy.
  8. Traces of flies on the furniture – can be cleaned with a slurry of starch and water. Use a cotton sponge. Polish the wood with a woolen cloth after it dries.
  9. Stains from various insects on silk items and silk lampshades – rub with a soft cloth moistened in a mixture of warm water and vinegar.

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