The jacket is an eternal asset for all people and all generations

The jacket has eternal popularity due to its practicality and universality. A jacket is a suitable item of clothing from morning to evening in all occasions and seasons. Fits all body shapes. Easy to match with pants, jeans, skirts, dresses. The range of materials from which jackets are made is almost unlimited. The most famous and most used are jeans jackets. Jackets are also made from fine genuine and artificial leather, hi-tech materials, nylon, polyester, balloon and raw silk, tweed, fabric, fur (genuine and artificial) and other materials.
The jacket has become fashionable through sports and sports fields and has kept its sporty line and cut. Lots of pleats, outer seams, so-called French (stitched) pockets of all shapes, threads, buckles, buttons, lace and various yarns – all these are characteristics of the jacket. The jacket always has a small collar or full lapels or just the upper parts. It is characterized by length – most often up to the waist, hips or half of the thighs.
Fashion trendsetters manipulate the details when making a modern jacket. The shape of the collar changes depending on the trend, the width of the sleeves, the shape of the sewn pockets and the method of fastening. The jacket used to be fastened with buttons, then with snaps, decorative threads or a zipper. All metal details (buckles, buttons, threads, threads, zippers) can be silver, gold, plastic or decorated with strass. Rhinestones are most often used for expensive and elegant black leather jackets. A decorative detail is also the pendant that opens and closes the zipper. A decorative detail can be a sign of a fashion company, but also an effective sign in the form of a hat, plaque, flower, circle, etc.
A jacket that looks like a blouson, short, narrow with asymmetrical diagonal fastening from shoulder to waist is always fashionable. It is reminiscent of the motorcycle jackets loved by all generations. A sports jacket is a sign of rebellion or defiance of everything that is classic, traditional, refined and ironed.
Jackets were worn and celebrated by the famous rock and roll singers Elvis Presley, Mick Jagger, who are hard to imagine in a mohair coat. Jackets were a popular item of clothing for celebrities such as Marlon Brando, James Dean, Madonna, Michael Jackson, Shakira. Everyone wants to be unrestrained, free and unconventional. Jackets are practical because they go well with shirts, polo sweaters, body shirts, T-shirts, blouses. Pants, jeans and a skirt complement the jacket. Jackets tolerate all types of footwear (sandals, slippers, moccasins, shoes, cowboy boots, regular boots) depending on the type of material from which the jacket is made.
It’s nice to combine a jacket and a hat or cap with a scarf made of the same material. Men prefer to choose pilot or motorcycle jackets in which they feel better than in a ready-to-wear coat.
A sports jacket is an indispensable companion for trips in nature, but also for all sports and recreational activities of both sexes. A leather jacket or a jeans jacket can be worn today without all the former fashion rules. Fewer and more additional decorations and details on the jacket can be in favor of simple and practical combinations with other clothing items.

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