Several changes occur while we chew and swallow while standing

Several changes occur while we chew and swallow while standing
Doctors and gastroenterologists say that even several changes occur in digestion while a person is standing and swallowing and chewing food. Blood flows down to the legs due to gravity. This can be the cause of reduced blood flow to the stomach (blood is needed for digestion). As a result, digestion may not work well. A person may feel bloated and have digestive problems.
A similar effect occurs if a person moves immediately after eating, because then digestion is faster and absorption of nutrients is worse. However, these situations are not a reason to be alarmed because sometimes everyone happens to eat quickly and while standing in a hurry and due to urgent obligations. The faster a person eats, the more likely they are to swallow more air, which causes indigestion.
Fast and insufficient digestion can cause stomach cramps. Then the stomach needs more time to break down and digest food. Chewing and swallowing food in a standing position causes some unwanted side effects (unpleasant feeling in the stomach). Small changes can improve digestion. Doctors advise a person to sit while eating instead of standing and observing what is happening with symptoms. And the enjoyment of food is always nicer if people are sitting while eating.
The most common problems of the digestive system are heartburn and reflux. Doctors say that sometimes eating while standing can eliminate some stomach problems. Reflux is the result of increased pressure on the stomach. There is a burning sensation in the throat and mouth. After a meal, a person should not lie down immediately and stay in a lying position for several hours. Then that pressure will decrease. Then it is wiser to stand while eating, as this reduces the pressure on the stomach and the consequences.
People who sit and enjoy a slower meal have many benefits for the digestive system and mental health. Conscious eating will maintain the sympathetic nervous system in dominance, which will also help the autonomic nervous system to function properly in digestion – this is the result of a study in “The Journal of Integrative Medicine”. Stress interferes with gastroenterological mechanisms. The intestines send signals to the brain. The brain also sends signals to the gut if it is in trouble. The conclusion is: if a person is under stress, depression and anxiety, then the intestines or stomach are not functioning properly.

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