Today, it is not difficult to measure the speed of running, flying, swimming or the length of the jump of each animal

Today, it is not difficult to measure the speed of running, flying, swimming or the length of the jump of each animal
The dark-skinned athlete Vilma Rudolph was called the “black gazelle” at the 1960 Summer Olympics in Rome. Rudolph was the winner in the 100 and 200 meter races, so the name came from the victory. Since then, athletes whose results have become legends are often given nicknames after animals that are considered champions in a certain discipline. However, if a person was on a track with animals, he would appear to be a complete outsider. Sprinters can sometimes reach a maximum speed of 40 kilometers per hour on certain sections. Sprinters would therefore never be able to catch up with a cheetah running at a speed of 110 km. Some researchers have measured as much as 140 km. Thompson’s gazelle is the cheetah’s most common prey. The gazelle reaches 98 km, so it is not surprising that it easily becomes a cheetah’s prey.
Recent researches say that the ostrich is not slow because it reaches a speed of 98 km/h. A wildebeest and a lion, for example, reach a speed of 80 km/hrs. A racing horse runs 76 km while, for example, an English greyhound has a speed of 64 km/hrs. The clumsy giraffe reaches 56 km/hrs. A domestic cat, for example, can only briefly reach 46 km/hrs. Previously, it was known that these mentioned animals are quite fast, although the ostrich became a real surprise in the whole story.
The man wouldn’t even stand a chance in swimming competitions
The famous Australian swimmer Ian Thorpe has the nickname “torpedo”. However, a Thorpe swimmer would be overtaken by any tuna swimming at 70 km/hrs or a swordfish racing through the oceans at 100 km/hrs.
The famous jumper Javier Sotomayor managed to jump a fantastic 2.45 meters in 1993. For example, a red kangaroo jumps a height of 3 meters from a place. The cougar can jump a full 7 meters, easily surpassing the famous Russian pole vaulter Sergei Bubka. The tiger and the lion have a jump height of 4 meters. However, we observe proportionally, that is, the length of the jump in relation to the size of the body. The common flea would then outwit both the cougar and Sotomayer. A flea has a jump of 25 cm, which is 100 times the length of its body. An athlete would have to jump 200 meters if the same principle were applied to a human.

The Iranian Husein Rezazdeh managed to lift a load of 212.5 kg, or twice his own weight, at the Olympics in Sydney. But, the sacred Egyptian beetle (scarab or dung beetle) can lift a load 250 times heavier than its own weight.
The snow leopard has the biggest long jump and is still without serious competition. The snow leopard is normally the smallest cat from the leopard family. It has a small weight but enormous strength. He can jump a full 15 meters. Impala jumps 12 meters while cougar and deer can jump 11 meters. The official human record is over 8 meters. However, there is also an unofficial record held by an African who managed to jump an 11-meter-wide ravine. The African used doping at the time, so the record was not declared an official record. And the African would never have achieved this record if he had not been chased by a lion.
No gymnast is in the rank of a monkey
Monkeys are capable of various stunts. In acrobatics and the length of jumps, sifaka lemurs from Madagascar are unsurpassed. Lemurs are semi-apes. They jump from tree to tree. They are not much bigger than a larger domestic cat. I can jump up to 4 meters. They walk on branches in such a way that they seriously question the law of gravity.
Some animals might be good at martial arts
Kangaroos rely on strong and large tails. They can give each other serious injuries and blows with their legs and hands. This is very reminiscent of kick boxing. Kangaroo boxing matches used to be the main attraction in many circuses.
Dolphins have a great talent for artistic swimming. Dolphins swim perfectly synchronized in groups at a speed of 50 km/hrs. They perform spectacular jumps. The cuteness and elegance of dolphin jumps irresistibly reminds of girls who enjoy artistic (synchronized) swimming. The girls have been preparing for years to show the world their grace and skill.
However, there is a discipline in which man has defeated the animal. This was shown by the marathon race between the American Tom Johnson and the horse Al Bar aka. They competed in the desert for 80 km on a long course. Johnson won by just 10 seconds. Admittedly, the horse led the race up to 42 kilometers (which is considered critical in the marathon). The horse then began to falter due to fatigue caused in part by the weight of the rider.
In today’s era of modern technology, radar, GPS, echo-sonar and computers, it is not difficult to measure the speed of running, swimming, flying, or the length of an animal’s jump.


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