Nodules in the joints (gout or deposition of crystals in the tissues)

Nodules in the joints (gout or deposition of crystals in the tissues)
The ancient physician Hippocrates described gout as “a disease of emperors and elderly persons prone to pleasure”. This disease was almost forgotten thanks to drugs and advanced medicine. However, the number of people suffering from gout has increased in recent years. Uric acid (in the form of crystals) is deposited subcutaneously in women. Uric acid (in the form of crystals) is deposited in the joints in men. Previously, men between the ages of 40 and 60 suffered from gout 5 times more often than women. The disease thinned out thanks to the drugs, only to spread again with the help of diuretics. These drugs help people with heart disease and high blood pressure to excrete water. Lack of water increases the concentration of uric acid in the blood. All the excess is deposited in the tissues in the form of crystals.
Genes are thought to influence the appearance of gout because not everyone who uses diuretics has uric acid deposited in their joints-says family doctor.
People who eat a lot and drink large amounts of alcoholic beverages also get gout
Obesity, rapid diets for weight loss, prolonged stress, injuries and operations also affect the crystallization of uric acid in the tissues. Crystals are deposited in the joints that damage the tissues (in common gout). The body reacts to the crystals with inflammatory processes, the joints swell, the joints become red and painful at the slightest touch. These acute attacks usually last from 12 hours to a week. The big toe joint is the first to be affected in 70% of people.
People are advised not to eat fatty foods, because this way the inflammatory process is diluted and alleviated. Red meat, dried meat products, shellfish, crabs, lentils, peas and beans, offal are not recommended. Gout medications can have side effects (drowsiness and nausea). People with gout should gradually get used to the consequences, because they use these drugs for life to avoid joint and kidney deterioration.

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