Smooth and silky skin is a basic fashion, aesthetic and medical imperative

Smooth and silky skin is a basic fashion, aesthetic and medical imperative
It has been common since ancient times to remove hair from the body for aesthetic reasons. It is known that Cleopatra also used various mixtures of honey and lemon juice. However, the hair sometimes needs to be removed for medical reasons (when it grows into the flesh, because then the inflammatory process of the skin occurs and thus scars).

In men, for example, often due to shaving, an inflammatory state of the hair roots appears on the neck. Today, there are numerous methods of depilation and epilation, but you need to choose the right method.

Temporary methods for hair removal are
-shaving with a razor or special razors. The skin is softened with water before shaving. Gel is preferred over foam. The gel helps reduce skin irritation. At the end, it is preferable to put some anti-irritation and inflammatory skin treatment. Shaving does not affect the accelerated growth and strength of hair, contrary to the widely held opinion/belief about it.
-plucking (most often with tweezers) is applied to the face and eyebrows (but not recommended).

  • hair removal creams are most often based on thioglycolate, which melts keratin (the building block of hair). Caution is required when using these agents. Preparations should be tested on the inner part of the upper arm beforehand, as they can irritate the skin.
  • cold or warm wax. The application of wax is quite painful and should be repeated once a month.
    -various domestic and industrial mixtures (most often honey and lemon)
    All these methods are relatively painful. Hairs should be allowed to grow at least 2-3 millimeters when applying one of these methods. Side effects are quite common (scars, dark pigmentation, ingrown hairs, inflammation of the hair roots). These negative consequences can be mitigated by applying certain rules. In recent times, hair inhibitors are used, i.e. preparations that prevent hair growth by interfering with hair metabolism. After stopping the application (about 6 months), the hairs grow again. The manufacturers claim that newer products prevent hair growth by about 20% or significantly slow down (weaken) hair growth.
    Permanent methods for removing excess hair are:
  • electroepilation. this method consists in introducing a special electrode (in the form of a needle) into the hair channel. Thus, the follicle is destroyed using electricity. The method is extremely painful. It is used most often on smaller surfaces (most often on the part of the skin above the lips). The method should be repeated several times. The downside of the method is pain and slowness, as each follicle is destroyed individually.
    -microwaves. This is a newer method that uses waves in a microwave oven. The waves cause the molecules to vibrate, releasing energy that destroys the follicles. The downside is that the method is not selective, so it affects all the surrounding tissues.
  • photoepilation. Epilation with lasers and IPL devices is a great help to women. And an increasing number of men undergo this method. This method with lasers and IPL devices is not a permanent hair removal, but rather a permanent reduction in the number of hairs. Otherwise, the photoepilation method has been used in the world for several decades. Both lasers and IPL devices send energy that is absorbed in melanin. Thus, it destroys the hair follicles. Light hairs cannot be treated because they have no melanin. For red and white hairs, for the same reason, a weaker result is obtained than for black hairs. A burning sensation occurs during the treatment. Various methods are used (cooling, local anesthesia, etc.) to reduce possible discomfort. The results are better the lighter the skin and the darker the coat. That is why it is not recommended to stay in the sun or in a solarium, nor to use self-tanners – before the treatment. After the treatment, it is possible to experience short-term reddening of the skin and burning sensation. The treatment should be repeated usually 3 to 5 times if the hairs are not in the same phase of growth. And if the required number of treatments is done, this is not a sign that hairs will no longer grow in the treated areas. Hair will grow, but in much smaller numbers.
    The results of any treatment depend on the person, the device, and the person performing the treatment. You should choose the most comfortable method and affordable treatments where price will not be a limiting factor.

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