Physiological solution in the stomach causes a feeling of satiety (i.e. a balloon filled with physiological solution and lowered into the stomach)

Physiological solution in the stomach causes a feeling of satiety (ie a balloon filled with physiological solution and lowered into the stomach)
A balloon filled with physiological solution is then lowered into the stomach. This is a newer way of treating obesity. Excess body weight has several causes, but the most common cause is the consequence of excessive intake of food and sugary drinks and too little energy consumption. It is interesting that most overweight people are not aware of the amount of food they eat. They believe that all food, drinks and water are simply “sticky” to these people and thus obesity is created.
People who want to use balloons to regulate their body mass should have the desire and decision to reduce weight. Even after using the balloon, it is important to stop choosing foods and drinks that increase body mass.
By the way, placing a balloon in the stomach is possible because the stomach can hold 2 liters of liquid.
This intervention is simple. First, an endoscopic examination of the stomach is performed to see the condition. If the stomach is healthy and all conditions are met, then a balloon filled with half a liter of physiological solution is introduced into the stomach. Placing the balloon is not painful and not unpleasant because it is performed under mild anesthesia. The patient goes home immediately after the intervention.
A person who has a balloon implanted in the stomach during the first days feels aversion to food even to the smell (because the balloon hits the walls of the stomach and gets used to the presence of the balloon. The balloon from the stomach constantly sends a message to the brain that it is full and thus reduces the feeling of hunger. It is even more significant that the presence balloon changes bad eating habits.The feeling of hunger slowly returns, but complete satiety is achieved with a small amount of food.
On average, 18 kg is lost in 6 months using balloons
People who have already used the balloon have an opinion about this intervention. They say that they feel better aesthetically, mentally and health-wise. It rarely happens that the balloon is punctured. A harmless blue color is left in the physiological solution – to recognize this situation. The blue color is excreted in the urine and this is a sign that the balloon should be replaced with a new balloon.
Each patient is consulted by a doctor and a nutritionist before the treatment. The balloon does not cause permanent weight loss (after use) if the person does not consciously change their bad diet. Each food item is digested differently. A bad combination of foods plays a crucial role in regaining weight (after removing the balloon). Most often it happens that a person returns to the weight he had for a long time (as if the body has its own scale to measure weight).
Sometimes it takes several years to realign the metabolism
The amount of food should be the same for at least a year and a half to 3 years so that the body weight does not return. That’s how many people in western countries wear balloons. Otherwise, the feeling of hunger returns, and with that feeling, the pounds can easily come back again.
Eating habits are crucially important – nutritionists explain. There should be breaks of 3 hours between meals. You should eat at least 3 meals and not wait for “wolf hunger”, which usually occurs late at night before going to bed. Late meals easily pile on weight.
For snacks, you should take only one type of fruit, meat without bread, dough and potatoes. Bread, dough and potatoes should be taken without meat, milk and dairy products, because digestion is different. Their combinations trigger undesirable metabolic processes.
If a person really follows the instructions of a nutritionist and dietician, he can lose weight and keep what he has achieved. Nevertheless, people today mostly live in cultures where food plays a major role in social and business communication. That is why it is sometimes difficult for a person to adhere to the rhythm of strict and expert dietary diets. Then the balloon makes it possible to reduce food intake, but the balloon is not useful if the person constantly takes sweet drinks, concentrated sweets, alcoholic beverages, or liquid food that easily passes through the stomach.
Obesity is the sum of two diseases: nutritional disorder and adipose tissue pathology (which leads to the irreversible multiplication of fat cells). It is possible for people with excess body weight to lose a few kilograms, but not fat cells. That’s why they quickly return to their original weight. Then you should think about surgery, but with this method and without consequences for people’s health – you can lose only 5 kilograms – dieticians, doctors, surgeons and professional medical workers explain.

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