Each person can choose a pet according to their own affinities. A pet will bring tranquility to every home.

Each person can choose a pet according to their own affinities. A pet will bring tranquility to every home.

Pets do not cure diseases, but they can cure loneliness
Every person who has a pet confirms that pets cannot cure illness, but they can cure loneliness. Most psychologists, veterinarians and other experts involved in researching this phenomenon agree with this statement.
Pets have a positive effect on the owner and other household members. It can be said that pets are as medicinal as indoor flowers. They are pleasant and interesting above all because they are in the immediate human environment as part of nature.
Animals have an aura of innocence and simplicity (much like children). That is why they are irresistible to many people, and for some they may even be a substitute for children.
Research on the impact of pets on the owner’s health has been conducted in many countries. The latest research says that pets help the most against depression (against mild and moderate symptoms of depression), relieve stress, improve sleep quality, and have a positive effect on people’s mood and general health. Therapists say that pets give people psychological comfort in their own way. They are affectionate above all else and love unconditionally. This is quite enough for a person to feel good in the presence of pets.
Dogs take the lead in this, because with dogs you can achieve a special closeness in communication
Remember specially trained dogs to accompany blind or disabled people (and in wheelchairs). Keeping dogs has been shown to contribute to better physical fitness. It has a positive effect on the cardiovascular system, stabilizes blood pressure and fat levels in the body. Walking with a dog is useful for younger and older people, healthy and sick people, and especially for people who spend most of their time in a sitting position. Dogs constantly encourage their owners to be active. There are no excuses in case of unfavorable weather (rain, wind, strong sun, etc.). So, if the owner takes a 30-minute walk with the dog every day, then the owner has already fulfilled the required average quota.

Selection of music that calms dogs while driving
Sam Sutton (Senior Lecturer in Music at the University of West London) has put together the perfect playlist of music tracks that will calm a nervous dog while driving in the car. The most successful songs are “How Deep is Your Love” (Bee Gees), “No Women No Cry” (Bob Marley), “Everything I Do I’ll Do It for You” (Bryan Adams) and “I Want To Know What Love Is ” (Foreigner). The least successful songs or songs at the bottom of the playlist are: “Black Dog” (Led Zeppelin), “Back in Black” (AC/DC) and “Paranoid” (Black Sabbath). https://www.uwl.ac.uk/

The connection between humans and cats has been known since ancient times
Cats purr, love petting, caressing, which has an extremely calming effect on humans. Cats are specific and independent animals in accordance with their own nature. They are recommended to people who are ready to respect the cat’s individuality.
Birds, hamsters, fish, turtles, rabbits (or some other tropical animal, for example a chameleon) are also very good company in every home (except dogs and cats) – say and recommend experts and veterinarians.
The presence of pets regulates the pulse, reduces tension, and calms the nerves. Each person can choose a pet according to their own affinities. A pet will bring tranquility to the atmosphere of every home.

For many people, the moment of emotional weakness is decisive when choosing a pet. An animal conquers a person at first sight or people want to adopt dogs, cats and other animals from the shelter even though they never planned it. This usually turns out not to be a coincidence but a subconscious attraction.
Animals are genetically very similar to humans. Individuals often identify with one of the animals or traits. It is not unusual that many owners (primarily of dogs) begin to resemble their own pets over time. Although there are also reverse cases. Some people choose a pet based on the appearance and characteristics they want to have.
Trends, climate, the unconscious influence of some life experiences with pets, the symbolic meaning of an animal – these are all reasons that sometimes influence the choice of a pet.
Parents and guardians often adopt pets, informed by the knowledge that pets have a positive effect on the upbringing and development of responsibility in children. It is a matter of reconciling the child’s wish and the attitudes/viewpoints of adults.
A child should be given a pet that the child chooses (without paying attention to taste and special circumstances) with the condition that the pet meets the criteria and restrictions set by the parents. – The choice of a pet is actually a matter of compromise.
The psychologist advises that a person should first (before getting a pet) think carefully about housing and financial conditions, as well as other obligations and possibilities of the individual/or family. A pet becomes a member of the family from the moment of adoption/purchase. They should be given constant attention and love as long as the animals are alive. People sometimes go to extremes. They quickly get fed up with their responsibilities and leave their pet on the street or become too attached, which resembles an obsession.
Some people really prefer animals to people. It is normal to have closeness and attachment to a pet. It is important that this attachment does not cross the line and become a pathology. The same issue is the bond between two people – according to psychologists.
Sometimes people get too carried away (mainly dog ​​owners) so they groom and decorate their dogs (pets) too much or buy coats for various weather conditions. In some environments, dressing up a dog would expose the owner to ridicule while in some environment for us, this occupation has become a cult and a common and expected behavior. Dressing up a pet can sometimes be as fun as naming a dog. And it is a way of bringing the owner and the dog closer together (which sometimes reveals to us that the animal may be replacing a human being that the owner lacks or is an expression of a specific sense of humor).
Pets are also living beings, so their lives unfortunately have an end. The loss can be more or less stressful depending on the role of the pet in the owner’s life. Some will grieve while others will quickly adopt a new dog or get a completely different pet.
Many owners say that it would be easier for them to bury their pets in a dignified place and in a prescribed place instead of wrapping them in rags and burying them with soil (which is done in the same way elsewhere). In Western countries, there are pet cemeteries that are quite accepted and understood.
Most of the time, people have a nice relationship with animals that they treat equally. However, there are some mean people who don’t like animals (but neither do they like people) so they want to hurt those animals. That is why such people vent their anger on weaker and unprotected beings (animals) who are a frequent target of evil people. It is important that there are laws and legal regulations that will punish such people and whose misdeeds will not be tolerated. Penalties exist and penalties can always be applied. We can only hope that the number of people who don’t like animals (if this number can’t disappear and be Zero) will at least be smaller.


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