The space is refined by two colors (quite enough for one room)

The space is refined by two colors (quite enough for one room)
The biggest challenge of decorating the home is during holidays, anniversaries, celebrations and birthdays. For example, during December, the Christmas/New Year’s pine usually occupies the main place in the home. The combination of decorations, colors and decorative lamps contributes to the creation of any festive atmosphere.

We can follow these simple tricks:
1.It is recommended not to use all available colors, but a combination of 2 to 3 colors at most. This is a rule that applies to all holidays throughout the year – emphasize architects and interior design experts.
2. Red is the color that symbolizes all holidays in general
3. In addition to red, blue, green, silver, gold, champagne color can be used.

4. Good combinations are red-chocolate color, dark blue-silver, red-green, red-gold, red-silver. Never combine gold and silver because they are both dominant colors, so one will suffocate the other.
5. Gift wrapping is the next challenge. Place gifts (wrapped in boxes or decorative paper with bows and ribbons) around the pine or in a pile formed in some interesting shape. This will be a great decoration.
6. Two colors for coloring are quite enough to decorate one room. It is enough to place an arrangement or a vase on the table with red pillows on the beds, armchairs and a light cover draped over them. The bedspread does not need to cover the entire set, but it will enhance it. 7. Decorations such as wreaths, small figures and small bells are not expensive and will look nice on dressers and shelves. You can decorate the front door and windows.
8. It is nice to move the existing plants from the home near the holiday boxes/gifts/pines. The whole environment will seem warmer. An attractive holiday poster or self-adhesive wallpaper can also be stuck. Let that wall be an attractive location to arrange gifts (and decorations) under the poster.
9. Cardboard or plywood panels are covered with decorative paper or fabric. The color of the paper or fabric should be identical to the color that dominates the home/rest of the apartment. 10. Scented candles will enhance the space. Scented candles are also useful for absorbing smoke in the room and refreshing the room.

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