9 benefits of daily tea consumption


9 benefits of daily tea consumption
Tea contains antioxidants that prevent chronic diseases and help restore body cells. Green tea contains antioxidants (catechins) that destroy free radicals in the body and prevent inflammatory conditions.


A cup of warm tea has a positive effect on every organ in the body. Too much tea is not desirable either. You need to have a measure. Studies (which investigated daily optimal amounts of tea) – are not agreed. It is assumed that 3 to 5 cups of tea per day is the best dose. Excessive drinking of tea can slow down the absorption of iron, disrupt the effect of medicines and increase the risk of heavy bleeding.


9 health benefits of drinking tea every day:

  1. Reduce the risk of diabetes – a cup of tea after a meal lowers blood sugar levels. Thus, it helps to reduce the risk of diabetes 2. This thesis has been proven by several scientific tests. This is especially true of black tea (Indian), which lowers blood sugar after a person eats a meal containing sugar.
  2. Anti-cancer tea effects – the beneficial effect has been especially found in skin, lung, prostate and breast cancer. Different types of tea affect different types of cancer. It is good to enjoy different flavors of tea.
  3. Tea strengthens the teeth – drinking tea during the day could cause the teeth to get a dark color, but green tea has an antibacterial effect. Drinking green tea reduces the risk of caries and the caries spread more slowly.
  4. Tea is protection for the heart – the anti-inflammatory properties of tea will keep blood vessels open and strong and reduce stress on the heart. Catechins from tea reduce the risk of blood clot formation. The heart should be provided with 3 cups of tea a day.
  5. Tea gives the skin a healthier look – Indian or black tea especially affects the risk of skin cancer. Tea preparation is also important. Research shows that hot tea has a greater positive effect than warm or cold tea.
  6. Tea gives restful sleep – researches say that tea is beneficial for mild insomnia (the main causes of which are not brain disorders or other serious diseases).
  7. Tea strengthens concentration – caffeine in tea increases alertness and attention. The tannin in tea helps with concentration. Tea is a great choice during a break before a business meeting or an exam.
  8. Metabolism works faster – caffeine accelerates metabolism and fat burning. can increase burning up to 100 calories per day. One cup contains about 40 mg of caffeine. Daily intake should be limited to no more than 300 to 400 mg of caffeine.
  9. People who use tea take less medicine and are more vital.




From an estate west of Hangzhou, this classic Gunpowder green tea has a medium body and steeps into a beautiful green-gold liquor. With a smooth, hearty flavor and nutty, vegetal, and slightly smoky notes, it holds up well to repeated infusions. Gunpowder gets its name from its tightly rolled leaves. This tea is low in caffeine.

  • Tasting notes: This brisk Chinese green tea starts off earthy and herbaceous, with nutty, creamy, smoky, mushroom, and flint notes and a clean, vegetal finish
  • Leaves: Tightly rolled grey-green tea leaves
  • Liquor: Deep golden color



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