22 useful, legendary, magical and unusual powers of garlic


22 useful, legendary, magical and unusual powers of garlic
The useful, unusual, magical and sacred powers of garlic have been recognized in ancient Egyptian religious ceremonies, Gothic and horror in the Victorian era and up to the present day. Garlic is also called “stinking rose” (obviously, because of its particularly strong smell). It is well known to horror fans and others that garlic repels vampires. Domestic and wild garlic is available throughout the year.


Garlic is grown all over the world. It has been in use for a long time, but no one knows the exact origin of this food with miraculous virtues. Today, science, medicine and folk medicine unite in the constant acceptance of the positive and protective benefits of garlic – although from opposite perspectives.


Modern medicine has proven that garlic has powerful antibiotic properties (lowers cholesterol and blood pressure) and a strong antioxidant effect (protects the body from negative damage caused by free radicals). Garlic can be added to the shampoo (that you normally use) to reduce dandruff and strengthen the roots, hair and scalp.


Doctors, nutritionists, healers, herbalists, chefs and lovers of delicious food with garlic – all agree that the humble garlic has an undeniable influence on health, mind, body and culture around the world.

  1. In some areas of the world, it is believed that garlic protects against shipwrecks and disasters at sea and oceans, and against drowning. That’s why many sailors still go on decks and sails today carrying garlic in the pockets of their sailor suits.
  2. Garlic is massively placed in homes throughout Europe and beyond.
  3. It is believed that garlic protects the home and household members from all evil.
  4. Therefore, it is not rare to see chains of garlic above the entrance and other doors, on balconies, terraces, but also in the interior of houses.
  5. It is believed that garlic hung above the door protects the home and the household from the evil eye.
  6. There is a belief that carrying garlic (most often in pockets or in a bag, backpack) protects against bad weather, monsters, and various enemy attacks.
  7. Biting garlic can drive away evil demons, but also cleanse the body of viruses and bacteria.
  8. Garlic is often left under children’s pillows to protect them from bad dreams.
  9. Young women carry garlic in their pockets to bring good luck and prevent any misfortune.
  10. In the culinary arts and among cooks and housewives, it is popular to rub the pot and pan with garlic before use to remove the mystical negativity that might otherwise contaminate the food.
  11. Garlic was the main ingredient in traditional spells made to ward off diseases (eg hepatitis).
  12. Ancient belief says that unwanted suitors could be warded off by placing 2 pieces of garlic (stuck on two crossed needles) at the crossroads. It was believed that suitors’ interest suddenly drops as soon as they approach that intersection and give up visiting the girl.
  13. The ancient Egyptians respected and considered garlic a sacred plant. White onions decorated the tombs of the pharaohs. Like the Europeans, they also believed that garlic wreaths protected sleeping children from bad dreams and murderous spirits.
  14. Vampire mythology is very much alive in rural Romania and the Balkan Peninsula. Romanians actually have an almost cult-like attitude towards this food. The ideal scenery for some dark legends are the mysterious and foggy roads of Transylvania, medieval fortresses and castles. The most famous is the legend of Count Dracula.
    The legends still persist, although it is a well-known story that Stoker’s Count Dracula is a work of fiction (based on the character of Count Vlado Cepeš). And garlic runs through as a leitmotif in the fight against vampires.
    For centuries, it has been said that garlic is the best remedy against evil forces. It is also known that garlic is a natural antibiotic and a universal remedy against many diseases. Here, garlic is therefore the most powerful weapon in the constant fight against Nosferatu. Garlands of garlic are left on windowsills, doorposts, gates, front doors, cemeteries and monuments. In Romania, there is a legend that strigoi (that is, evil spirits or witches) suck milk from cows. Farmers used to protect their livestock with garlic. They usually anointed the horns with garlic, because it was believed that this smell repels vampires. Magical garlic was sometimes placed in the mouths of deceased relatives to prevent the soul from reentering the body and to block wandering evil spirits (who might otherwise reanimate the corpse).
  15. Superstitious parents smear their children’s foreheads with garlic in the Far East and the West Indies. This is how they protect children from black magic and vampire attacks.
  16. It is believed that the magical properties of garlic are not absolute. It is believed that garlic loses its ability if it is rubbed with a magnet or a stone.
  17. Traditional medicine has always considered garlic to be very healing. Garlic is therefore credited with curing all diseases or preventing everything from the common cold to the plague.
  18. People rubbed the affected area with garlic to cure skin diseases. The used garlic would be washed and thrown away. That’s how he allegedly carried the disease with him.
  19. It has happened to everyone that we forget to fill up the home pharmacy or buy some aspirin, or any other medicine. A piece of garlic can always be placed on a sick tooth (in the absence of other remedies). The pain gradually disappears. And rub other inflamed places (on the body) with garlic.
  20. It is desirable to always have a wreath of garlic in the home. Garlic is difficult to dry (although not impossible), so it is always close at hand. The wreath does not take up much space. It can be easily attached to the window handle or kept on the balcony.
  21. When roasting peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, onions (and other vegetables), you can add garlic at the end of frying. Garlic burns quickly and turns black, so it is added at the end of cooking.
  22. Inflammatory areas on the face (except the eyes) and on the lips can be rubbed with garlic, which will alleviate the inflammatory condition and the pain will gradually disappear.


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