6 techniques for a more resistant organism to problems and complaints

6 techniques for a more resistant organism to problems and complaints
Aura is an energy field that surrounds the human body. Through this field, people energetically communicate with other energies. Many negative events and negative (for example, eternal pessimists) people take away strength and weaken a person. That is why the energy field that surrounds a person requires constant cleaning and strengthening. A person should not lose energy to regain lost energy, but should work on strengthening the existing energy field that protects a person from bad external influences. There are some simple methods and techniques by which a person strengthens, restores and revitalizes the energy field that surrounds the body.

  1. Exposure to information to be minimal – people in the past were stronger and more focused because human lives at that time were not exposed to the amount of information that is present around us today. People were much closer to each other. No thought could distract people from work, communications, family and friends. Today, everything is different and therefore the energy surrounding the human body quickly weakens. The rational and optimal use of social networks, all forms of media, technical devices and other devices is extremely important. This is how people protect themselves from negative sources and excessive materialism, but also from the need for approval. People should focus more on their own well-being and the well-being of the people around them.
  2. Prayer is a communication channel with which energy is obtained that strengthens the human biofield. Be grateful for everything you have, good and positive people, meals, food, a warm home, health. Ask for forgiveness if you make a mistake. Genuine repentance is important. Pray for strength and perseverance in the future and all that is yet to come. Prayer has the power to heal. Prayers give hope and comfort even in the most difficult times. People feel stronger because with the help of faith and prayer they are never alone.
  3. Constant care of one’s own health – the strength of the energy field surrounding the human body is directly related to health. A person who constantly consumes unhealthy food, cigarettes, various vices and has bad habits cannot have a strong personality. Everything that has a bad effect on health also significantly impairs the functioning of the human chakra. This consequently makes it impossible to restore the biofield.
  4. Sufficient sleep is important – people who constantly wake up during the night or have insomnia and little sleep also have a weak energy field. Find out the cause of poor sleep and try to correct the mistakes so that your biofield is impenetrable and strong. Chronic fatigue (due to insufficient sleep) can exhaust the body.
  5. Meditation – many people do not know the power of regeneration that meditation gives to a person. That’s why there is doubt. Meditation helps a person to focus on the right thoughts while expelling negative and burdensome thoughts. Meditation has a healing effect on the psyche. It strengthens the nerves and removes tension. It makes the human body more resistant to problems and ailments. It strengthens the general productivity of a person.
  6. Man needs an exhaust valve – day and night rest is needed to restore and strengthen the energy field (which surrounds the human body). This is how stress is neutralized. Look for a hobby, stay often in natural surroundings, take frequent and short breaks from work, use free moments for any form of recreation.

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