Cleaning the living space to achieve spiritual and emotional peace

Cleaning the living space to achieve spiritual and emotional peace
The space in which we work and live should have good vibrations. Cleanliness and tidiness are therefore very important. Painting the ceiling and walls is the first step in achieving order and neatness. Getting rid of unnecessary things is also an important step. There is also a third step, i.e. energy cleansing. Energetic cleansing removes collected energy debris (which are the consequences of negative events, emotions, thoughts and stress). There are simple tricks and habits that can be used to do all of the above and achieve spiritual and psychological peace. In every space, you can feel the remains of the energy and activities of those who stayed there before (unpleasant air, restlessness, restlessness, electrification, discomfort, cold).
Space cleaning is the oldest technique with the aim of achieving a healthy and pleasant living space. These are different terms, although many identify these activities with the ancient philosophy of Feng Shui. Feng shui uses various sensory stimulations (shapes, colors, materials, objects, sound, sunlight, etc.) in order to stimulate positive reactions in the organism and achieve certain goals (rest, competitive spirit, sociability, creativity, harmonious relationship between the inhabitants of the space, etc.) Cleaning the space, on the other hand, means freeing the space from accumulated negative influences.
  1. Cleansing from collected negative emotions – this is a practice based on experience. And experience shows that rooms retain “psychic traces”, thoughts and emotions that appear and spread in them. A person gets a certain feeling while staying in a room. This feeling often reflects the character of the person who stays in that room the most. That is why staying in one room is pleasant for people, but in another it is unpleasant and inexplicably creates discomfort. These are energy traces from past times and people. Energy traces in the storage area and unpleasant (negative) events (violence, torture, death, illness, etc.) – especially if the events were repeated. And every person brings discomfort into the space if the person comes back nervous, angry after an argument. That heavy energy can stay in space for days. Thus, it energetically weakens the people staying in that space.
  2. Cleaning with water is an excellent way for deep cleaning – you can use room refreshment with scented sticks (or in the form of a water substitute), which gives equally good results. The traditional bathing of people in a medicinal bath has the same property. Medicinal plants (such as leaves, buds, roots, flowers, branches, bark) are added to the water. Floors are cleaned using the classic method of cleaning with the usual means. Then the floors are wiped with healing water to which we have added healing parts of the plant. Furniture can also be deep cleaned with healing water with useful plants (lavender, lemon, mint, thyme, etc.). it is recommended to clean furniture (and other objects) from the farthest wall towards the interior or towards the entrance door, i.e. cleaning from the inside to the outside. This gives a stronger mental contribution to the household members (persons who live there or stay there the most). Use a floor squeegee and fresh water to go over the floors with the clear intention of removing all discomfort and discomfort. It is useful to visualize water in the form of bright and liquid energy that removes and carries away (cleanses or swallows) all negativity and discomfort from the home.
  3. Plants that give an inviting effect to every home – the most commonly used plants are rosemary, frankincense, sage, lavender and laurel. In some provinces in China, scented herbal sticks are most often used to sterilize rooms (because they have an antiseptic effect). Many active ingredients of herbal incense sticks also have a calming effect on the psyche. This helps in treating insomnia, neutralizing stress and relaxing from everyday tensions. The first step in cleaning needs to be done. Then light the incense sticks of your choice. You can repeat the prayer (in your mind) to remove negative energy and summon inviting energy into the home. The positive energy that a person wants to attract to the premises can be different (depending on the needs and wishes of the person). This energy can be romantic, creative, calming, sociable, invigorating, relaxing, etc. This energy can also bring more intimacy between the household. It is important to know your own wishes before cleaning so that you can more easily and simply focus on thoughts of positive energy. Commit to visualizing the desired scenes as soon as you light the incense. Spread the smoke throughout the room following the opposite direction from the direction of cleaning (ie, go from the front door to the other parts of the house) that are farthest from the door. Smoke especially on the walls and furniture that are important or that you most often imagine painting.
  4. Gradual cleaning of the home – first throw out unnecessary items and tidy up the mess. The second step is energy cleansing, which removes energy debris or negative thoughts, events, stress. The practice of cleaning has 2 basic purposes – to remove unwanted information, i.e. stale bad energy from the space. Another purpose is to bring a new, fresh, pleasant and clean energy into space. For the first step, it is recommended to paint the walls and ceiling, wash the floors with plant essences. The second step is to use lighted fragrant plant sticks (incense and the like) and go through the entire space and walls.
  5. Ancient Feng shui philosophy lists 2 simple techniques for cleaning energy (rejecting stagnant energy and inflowing fresh energy) and detoxifying the home (and the entire living space). Always clean and spray with a homemade herbal solution from the outside towards the central, inner space. Pour the juice of 3 lemons into half a liter of water. Add 9 chopped lime leaves. Spray all doors from rooms with this solution. Use the rest of the liquid to clean floors and furniture. Cleansing with green tea. Mix green tea leaves, some Himalayan salt and a handful of rice. Spray the interior of the room with this solution. Eastern folk medicine believes that we can use this technique (mixture) whenever we want to get rid of old energy and direct our life towards new beginnings.

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