12 small home repairs that we can do ourselves


Everyone happens to make a hole in the wall from clumsily hammering in a nail, or to have a faucet that often leaks water, a bathroom with rust stains.


These are all small defects that require minor repairs that any adult can do on their own.

  1. Traces of the frame on the wall – on the frame (on the back of the picture) in each corner attach one cardboard triangle (or raisnegl). Do not type Reissnegl all the way. Type so that the head stands at least half a millimeter. This will separate the frame from the wall. The air will be able to flow normally and it will prevent the collection of dust around the picture (on the wall).
  2. Driving the nails – first stick a piece of tape on the place where the nails are driven. The wall will not be damaged in that place.
  3. Collection of glass dust – larger pieces of glass are easily collected if a person accidentally breaks a glass object. However, the almost invisible glass dust remains. It can be very dangerous. Do not touch broken glass with your bare hands (except for larger pieces that can be picked up with your hands). Take a piece of wet cotton wool. Even the smallest particles (from glass dust) will be picked up on a damp cotton wool. Fingers and hand will remain unharmed.
  4. Water leaks almost silently from the faucet – water sometimes drips from the faucet drop by drop. This annoys people. Put a glass bag on the faucet until the master comes. Water will still flow from the tap, but silently.
  5. A candle in a candlestick – too thick a candle can easily be thinned out. first place the lower end of a too thick candle under a stream of hot water. Place the candle in the candle holder while it is still soft. Along the way, you will adjust the thickness of the candle.
  6. Let the candle burn longer – put a little salt around the wick (before lighting the candle). That way the candle will burn for a long time.
  7. Unstable umbrella stand – a lot of people in the hallway hold a narrow umbrella stand. Such a narrow stand often tips over under the weight of the umbrella (wet umbrellas are heavier than dry ones). First put some sand on the bottom of the stand. The sand will give the stand stability and at the same time absorb the excess moisture that drips from the umbrella.
  8. Shiny faucets-chrome faucets often have unsightly stains (due to limescale deposits). Pour heated vinegar over the taps. This will remove all the ugly stains on the taps. Leave the heated vinegar for 10 minutes. Flush the taps with clean water. Polish with a soft cloth.
  9. Maintenance of faucets in the kitchen and bathroom – rub the (stainless steel) faucets in the home with the peel of a squeezed lemon. Wash the taps with water and wipe with a soft cloth. Faucets will be impeccably clean.
  10. Yellow stains in the sink, shower cabin, bathtub – water that flows “drop by drop” leaves very ugly yellow stains on the enamel. Heat some vinegar and add some salt. You will remove the yellow spots if you rub all the impurities with this heated mixture. Repeat the process as needed.
  11. Rust stains on ceramic plates – mix some powdered faucet cleaner with lemon juice. This will easily remove all rust stains in the kitchen or bathroom. Spread this mixture on the stains. Leave overnight. In the morning, wash with water and wipe with a soft cloth. Repeat the procedure if the stain is of an older date or appears again.
  12. Curtains in the kitchen – curtains in the kitchen are always the most difficult to wash because dust and all the grease from the steam (which is created during cooking) settles on the curtains. Soak the curtains in salt and cold water. Leave overnight. Wash the curtains first thing in the morning. Then wash the curtains in the usual way.

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