Feng shui advises decorating the home with calming colors

Feng shui advises decorating the home with calming colors
Feng shui is a complex system of theories used to promote good energy in the home. Good energy flow leads to a happy and harmonious home. It is important to understand the basics of Feng Shui philosophy to understand how this philosophy works. The age-old practice of Feng Shui can easily pave the way to a happy and healthy life.
There are several primary elements and theories that can help. The theory of 5 elements, the concept of yin and yang, and the theory of application of Chi and Bagua areas are some of the most important theories of Feng shui practice. A compass is needed to define the Bagua areas in the home. The sides of the world are determined with the compass and space is thus demarcated. People starting with basic Feng Shui tools should use those tools to build a strong foundation. The person can then gradually use other tools and levels of this practice.

  1. Feng shui is a bit confusing for all beginners. A person needs to do a lot of work to bring harmony and good energy into the home. It is necessary to progress step by step so as not to get confused and overburden.
  2. To begin with, get rid of clutter in the home. This is the main key to enabling good energy flow. Without this, further application of the practice cannot be continued.
  3. Then apply the theory of shapes and colors, adjust the lighting and air quality in the home.
  4. Colors are the easiest way to bring positive energy into a space. Even a very small amount of paint can make a difference in a space.
  5. Always choose the colors in the home in accordance with the character of the household.
  6. Colors can be used on the wall, in the form of photographs, wall art and sculptures. The color of the front door can also be considered in accordance with the character and wishes of the household.
  7. Feng shui uses colors but also the whole spectrum of so-called symbols and remedies. These are objects placed in the right place and can thus influence the flow of good energy in the home.
  8. The mirror is one of the powerful objects used in Feng Shui practice.
  9. Fountains (water), crystals and plants are also some of the many powerful tools of Feng shui practice.


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