Immortelle is a timeless plant with a long and interesting history

Immortelle is a timeless plant with a long and interesting history
The Greek hero Odysseus was shipwrecked – according to Homer’s epic. Odysseus was trapped on the island. He met the divine Nausicaa (a beautiful king’s daughter) after finally returning to the Phoenician coast. The secret of the king’s daughter’s beauty was in the extraordinary oil of the flower, which never fades even when picked. And the Greek god Apollo wore a tiara made of a special flower (immortelle) at the entrance to Delphi – according to Greek myths. Apollo wanted to remind the world of his own immortality with the tiara. Helicrysum italicum (Latin: Helicrysum italicum) is a plant that prevails in Mediterranean areas, especially on sunny rocky areas.
Yellow narrow immortelle flowers are a treasure of health. Immortelle grows up to 60 cm. It is traditionally used against migraine, asthma, liver and skin diseases.
Immortelle is the most effective plant against skin aging
The user of expensive immortelle oil is the cosmetics industry. The oil is credited with miraculous properties in healing the skin. Immortelle is harvested in huge quantities every year. Even one ton of fresh flowers is needed for 1 liter of oil. Harvesting of immortelle is prohibited in some areas due to unscrupulous harvesters. Immortelle is a protected plant species under the Nature Protection Act. That is why it is necessary to have a permit in advance for picking and to respect the conditions during picking. Pickers should always pick immortelle with a knife (or scissors) 2/3 of the individual bush. Leave the root preserved. The root should not be pulled out with the rest of the plant. Pickers should understand that they will pick immortelles in the future as well, so they should not exaggerate the amount during picking.
People living in warmer areas can easily grow immortelle at home (or using seedlings).
Thus, they contribute to the preservation of a valuable and useful folk medicine – the immortelle plant.

Immortelle contains medicinal italodiones, regenerating non-terpene diketones, monoterpene alcohols, monoterpenes, esters, essential oils, bitter substances, bioflavonoid and arzanol. It has a rare chemical profile that includes powerful anti-inflammatory compounds – alpha, beta and gamma curcumin and neryl acetate (which relaxes muscles and works against spasms). Immortelle is the most popular remedy against wrinkles, spots and other signs of aging (although it has numerous benefits against other diseases). This was also shown by the research of a French cosmetics company (which patented products with immortelle). Their research showed that this plant reduces deep wrinkles by 19%, the total number of wrinkles by 14% and skin wrinkling by 38%. Immortelle has been found to have an extremely strong antioxidant effect and other protective properties due to neryl acetate.
Immortelle has a positive effect on bile and enhances the secretion of digestive juices in the stomach and the secretion of digestive enzymes from the pancreas. Immortelle is therefore ideal for people suffering from digestive disorders.
Pregnant women should avoid essential oil and immortelle tea.
The protective role of immortelle on the skin:

  1. Strong action against free radicals
  2. Significant impact on collagen production
  3. Stimulates tissue changes
  4. Strengthens microcirculation and thus detoxification
  5. Smilje gives the skin shine and radiance
  6. Removes wrinkles but also stains and other irregularities on the skin.


The immortelle farm Immortelle farm is located in the area of Omišalj, on the part of the island of Krk (Croatia) where the island is closest to the mainland.

Address: Immortelle farm, 51513, Omišalj,Croatia

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