7 common misconceptions we believe

7 common misconceptions we believe
At one time (2008), the British magazine “British Medical Journal” published an article by American scientists. American scientists have explained the 7 most common medical prejudices that have almost no scientific basis.

  1. In women’s magazines, you can often read that it is extremely healthy if a person takes 8 glasses of water, but doctors claim that no one has yet proven this claim.
  2. Reading in low light is considered to damage the eyesight. However, most ophthalmologists say that low light is unlikely to have lasting effects (but may cause more frequent blinking or difficulty in visual acuity).
  3. There is no evidence that shaving accelerates hair growth. Research shows that shaving has no effect on the thickness or density of the hair. But short sharp hairs (which grow after shaving) leave such an impression (as opposed to longer ones which are thin at the ends).
  4. One of the misconceptions is that turkey can make a person sleepy. The fact is that it goes best with stewed sauerkraut with spices. Turkey contains the amino acid tryptophan, which is metabolized into serotonin (the hormone of happiness), i.e. a substance that affects sleep and mood. However, turkey contains the same amount of tryptophan as beef and chicken.
  5. Many claim that people use only 10% of their brain capacity. Neurologists have proven that no area of ​​the brain is completely inactive.
  6. In some places it can be read that hair and nails grow after death. Scientists have a different explanation. The skin dries and pulls away from the nails after death. Nails look longer after some time.
  7. It is a misconception that mobile phones in hospitals can be dangerous. Researches say that there is minimal interference of mobile phones with medical equipment, but it is not dangerous to health.


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