Dogwood juice is effective against poisoning

Dogwood juice is effective against poisoning
Dogwood ripens during autumn. That is why it is an ideal fruit against viral infections and for strengthening the immune system. Interestingly, dogwood contains twice as much vitamin C as lemon and orange
Dogwood has been known to people since ancient times. It is a shrub with small red fruits with a sour-pungent taste. The fruits are rich in ascorbic acid, carotene and pectin. Fruits contain vitamin C and E, fruit acids as well as iron, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium. Medicinal properties are: strengthening the body, expelling impurities and poisons from the body, contributing to the healing of wounds and stopping bleeding, normalizing metabolism, controlling bile secretion, stimulating urine flow, lowering body temperature, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects.
It is most valuable for dogwood to strengthen immunity and endurance. That is why this fruit is recommended to people who are constantly tired and have frequent colds.

Dogwood is an excellent assistant for fragile women’s health

Thus, medicinal teas reduce the amount of “white washing” (female white secretion) and relieve pain during the monthly cycle.
Dogwood contributes to the increase of libido in women, and restores strength and activates sexual functions in men

Dried fruits are just as useful as fresh fruits. Dried fruits are an excellent remedy against colds throughout the winter. The use of dried fruits in the diet reduces blood sugar levels and normalizes blood pressure. Medicinal liquid can be made from dried fruits. This liquid removes the inflammatory state of the gastrointestinal tract, strengthens appetite, immunity and tones the body.
Sun-dried fruits are rich in pectin, which is necessary for expelling toxins from the body. These fruits normalize metabolism. That is why they are popular among people who want to lose extra pounds. Also, naturally dried fruits contribute to raising hemoglobin levels. That is why they are recommended for various blood diseases. By the way, you should not throw away the skins of the fruit as they contain medicinal plant oils.
Dogwood is excellent for relieving fever in the case of colds or acute respiratory diseases. It removes the inflammatory process in the body and activates the body’s defenses.
Dogwood juice is recommended in case of poisoning – because pectin from the fruit expels toxins from the body.

Dogwood is excellent against hemorrhoids. In the process of treatment, fresh, dried or preserved fruit can be used (as an adjunct to medical therapy). In severe cases of hemorrhoids, fruits can be eaten before meals (maximum 3 portions per day). And the fruits are eaten with pods – they will have a healing effect after being digested in the stomach. Baths or medicated liquids are considered beneficial.
Dogwood is especially necessary for older adults. Strengthens blood flow. It is considered a prevention of changes (which appear with age) in the blood vessels of the brain. Using the fruit reduces the risk of stroke. Dogwood is useful against rheumatism. Medicinal liquids successfully reduce blood pressure.
Dogwood should not be consumed before going to bed as it can cause insomnia. Increased acidity of gastric juice and problems with digestion are possible (therefore the daily amount of eaten fruit should be kept to a minimum).

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Address: Grahovska 12 80260 Drvar, Bosnia and Herzegovina

Working hours: 09:00-16:00.

We have brought two products to perfection!

  1. Whipped dogwood jam, protected by designation of origin. The only jam in the world that is not cooked. According to its unique recipe, it is classified by the Ordinance on fruit jams, jellies, jams, jams and sweetened chestnut puree in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
    Jam or addition to salty and sweet dishes is rated by many as the best jam ever. Because of the special refreshing taste where sweet and sour intertwine and that something that is hard to explain 🙂
    Analyzes of dogwood from our region showed excellent results.
    They are rich in vitamin C, pectin, mineral substances, especially potassium, calcium, and especially antioxidant substances, among which the most important representatives are phenolic compounds. They are anti-inflammatory.
    It is prepared by hand, without machines 🙂
  2. Dogwood & apple juice
    Natural dogwood and apple juice recognized 2 years ago. From fresh mashed dogwoods and local sweet apples from our region. Cold pressed 100% natural. That irresistible and refreshing taste of sour and sweet again 🙂
    The juice is recommended for diabetics as well as people with skin diseases. It has an anti-inflammatory effect.
    In order for a product like this to be made and presented in the right way, a minimum of 5 years of continuous work is required. A lot of investment, learning, information, knowledge and research.
    To rely on the true values ​​and tradition that we had the opportunity to inherit as a crown,
    follow trends, novelties, listen to the rhythm of the heart.

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