The hidden dangers of vitamin D deficiency

The hidden dangers of vitamin D deficiency
For adults, the mandatory daily dose of vitamin D is 400-600 IU. (international units) or 10-15 micrograms, and for older people 800 i.u. The main source of vitamin D is the sun. The recommendation is always a regular walk of 15 to 20 minutes during a sunny day.
Foods that contain the most vitamin D are:
fish oil (in 100 grams is 0.20 mg of the necessary substance)
-sea fish, for example mackerel, herring (3 micrograms in 100 grams)
-meat, eggs and dairy products

egg yolks (one egg yolk contains 0.042 micrograms of vitamin D)
-vegetable foods practically do not contain vitamin D

The sun vitamin regulates the metabolism of calcium and phosphorus, transfers minerals (calcium) from the blood to the bone tissue and affects the work of certain hormones. It is extremely important for good health.
The consequence of the deficit is not immediately visible. These are constant fatigue, drowsiness, impaired vision, decreased appetite, deterioration of the condition of the skin, tooth enamel, hair, and nails.
A serious danger is that threatening symptoms appear after a long time. They are manifested by low density of bone tissue (osteomalacia), osteoporosis and consequently frequent fractures, as well as joint diseases, arthritis, psoriasis, reduced body weight (especially in children and the elderly), heart failure, allergies, periodontitis, tumors of the digestive tract.
Vitamin D deficiency occurs as a result of poor and monotonous nutrition. It is common in women who constantly use a diet regimen and in the case of digestive tract diseases. The cause of the deficit is also a rare stay in the sun.

Risk groups include:
-adults because after the age of 50 the body slowly loses its ability to absorb vitamins
-vegetarians and people who are often avoiding food for any reason (health reason, religious,…etc.). The organism is consumed without intake of fish, meat, dairy products rich in vitamin D.

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