Guarana gives men strength,resistance and long life, and women additionally gives velvety skin without cellulite and wrinkles

Guarana gives men strength and resistance and long life, and women additionally gives velvety skin without cellulite and wrinkles
Guarana is a herbal elixir for longevity
Guarana is a plant whose healing properties are recommended by many experts. Guarana grows in the regions of northern Brazil and Venezuela where there are high temperatures and abundant rains of the Amazon rainforest.
Guarana (Latin Paullinia cupana) is one of the greatest discoveries of the native population of Brazil. These Brazilians attribute their longevity to guarana. This plant is part of their regular diet. Guarana gives men strength and resistance and long life, and women additionally gives velvety skin without cellulite and wrinkles.
Guarana is a creeping shrub that can grow up to 12 meters. It has bunches with red fruits. Modern science and medicine also recognize the healing properties of guarana. Today, people in the West consume the resin and black seeds of guarana in the form of powder, alcoholic extract, capsule, tablet, syrup and tea.
The health benefits of guarana are multiple
Increases alertness and concentration. It reduces fatigue and tension. Increases energy levels. Guarana is an additional aid in losing excess body weight. It relieves migraines as well as ordinary headaches. It protects the body from many diseases. Doctors attribute it as a cardiac stimulant, so it is useful for low blood pressure. It helps with reduced libido.
Guarana reduces anxiety, relaxes smooth bronchial muscles, protects neurons. Doctors attribute guarana to prevent blood clots.

One British scientific study gives guarani great results in memory tests and in raising awareness and mood. That is why it is attributed to everyone who wants to get the most out of themselves.
The diverse and fantastic effects of this South American plant pleasantly and positively surprise, but a scientific analysis of the nutritional composition has revealed the secrets of this plant.
It turns out that guarana is rich in the so-called vitamins of the 21st century
Guarana is rich in phytochemicals (such as theobromine, saponins, tannin and catechin). These are powerful antioxidants that participate in slowing down and even preventing many diseases. Theobromine, for example, helps burn fat. This is why guarana is an ingredient of various preparations, drinks and preparations for weight loss and cellulite removal.
Caffeine is especially interesting in guarana
Caffeine helps in weight loss because it reduces appetite. This caffeine does not speed up the pulse and does not cause heart palpitations unlike caffeine from coffee. Guarana contains from 3% to 7% caffeine (coffee contains 1% to 2% caffeine). This stimulant is released more slowly in guarana. The effect of caffeine (from guarana) can last up to 6 hours. Guarana also does not contain other stimulants (such as furfural) like coffee. Caffeine stimulates thermogenesis – the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition discovered in an extensive study. Thermogenesis is a common process in humans and warm-blooded animals. Thermogenesis is the process of shivering of a group of muscles and muscle fibers around vital organs. This is how heat is generated and body temperature is maintained, but it also consumes energy and fat stores. Excess water and toxins from the body (which are excreted through urine and other secretions stimulated by caffeine from guarana) are additional medical guarantees about the excellence of guarana. This was recognized by the first inhabitants of Brazil, as well as numerous other experts and modern manufacturers of healthy drinks.

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