5-minute exercise to strengthen immunity at home: 108 steps in a bowl of cold water

5-minute exercise to strengthen immunity at home: 108 steps in a bowl of cold water
Do a 5-minute exercise “stepping 108 steps” in a bowl of colder water at home every day. This exercise ensures good health
Swimming in a hole in the ice is not for everyone. But there are other ways to strengthen the body. The exercise of Buddhist monks “108 steps through the stream” therefore became more popular. Buddhist monks took 108 steps in cold water every morning and in all weather conditions. Thus, they stimulated immunity and increased the level of energy in the body. Walking can also be done at home. The exercise lasts 3 to 5 minutes.

  1. The exercise is best done in the morning, because that way you will wake up completely. Pour water up to your ankles in a bathtub or other container. Stand in a tub or bowl and do 108 steps in that position. In the beginning, you can also pour less cold water, or adjust the water temperature with your feet (how much heat/cold your feet can handle). Then gradually lower the temperature. You can also place the shower hose away from the water basin and direct it towards your feet. Or, even simpler, put your feet under the faucet (from which colder water flows). Some Eastern doctors advise that during this procedure you place a massage path under your feet (so that the stimulating effect is stronger). Then shower your feet again with colder water. Let your feet dry and warm up naturally. Put on socks only when your feet are warmed up (warmer).
  2. The “108 steps” exercise can become part of your daily routine. Direct the jet of cold water towards the ankles. Start counting. Sometimes it can be a property of 108. There will still be a positive effect. You will be more energetic after the procedure and have much less sickness. Your feet will seek out cooler water after some practice. An excellent health investment is a few minutes spent in cooler water for energy and health.

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