5 tips from beekeepers to recognize and buy original honey


5 tips from beekeepers to recognize and buy original honey

  1. Buying honey from well-known beekeepers (and bee breeders) is the best way to choose and buy honey. Beekeepers should not feed the bees with sugar and molasses and should not melt the product to obtain the appropriate appearance.
  2. Turn over the liquid honey jar (or honey bottle) when shopping. Two bubbles (large and small) will appear in the natural product.
  3. If the honey has crystallized, do the following: apply the honey in a thin layer on paper and then set the paper on fire. Paper with honey that is not natural will catch fire immediately and burn completely. Paper with original (natural) honey will burn only around the honey.
  4. Drip honey on your hand. Turn your hand. A drop of natural honey will not spill due to body heat. Then rub the honey into your hand. If the hand is sticky, it means that there is sugar in the honey. The skin will absorb the natural honey and will not be sticky. The skin will be smooth and velvety after absorbing natural honey.
  5. The most precise and probably the most interesting method for discovering the original honey. Pour one small spoonful of honey on the plate. Add the same amount of cold water. Try to mix the water with the honey by shaking the plate. Natural honey will not dissolve in cold water. After 5 to 10 seconds, a crystal grid (which resembles a honeycomb) will be created on the surface of the honey. Such a drawing will be absent (and the image of the crystal grid will not appear) if the technology was not respected when making honey (adding sugar, contact with molasses, etc.).

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