7 health benefits of keeping a cat at home

7 health benefits of keeping a cat at home
Furry pets bring joy to every home, but they can be helpers in the treatment of many diseases. People need to gain the trust of their pets. For example, cats immediately lie down next to the owner and on the sick place of the person and begin to absorb energy from the sick person.

  1. The correct answer to treatment with the presence of a cat – no one has yet given it. It is believed that cats sense negative energy and can then absorb it. The heat of the cat also has a therapeutic effect. The cat’s body temperature is usually 38° to 39°C. And there is no risk of overheating due to such a high temperature of the cat. Cats form a special electrostatic field when petting. Such a field has a tumor-forming effect on a person. Claws act like a massage on humans. The effect of the claws is the same as the acupuncture process. Spinning affects the relaxation of muscles, internal organs and the nervous system. Scientists say that these vibrations accelerate the recovery of the organism at the cellular level. The mental and energetic influence of cats on humans is important. We get a series of positive emotions by petting and hugging animals.
  2. It is necessary that the cat likes the human (owner) and not the other way around. Only then will the cat be ready to give the maximum amount of its own energy (necessary for the healing of the individual). Do not force the cat to cure (treat) you under any circumstances. It is important that the cat independently wants to help with the treatment. It is necessary to find a “common language” with the cat before the session with the cat. Call the cat before feeding. Show the cat a picture of his favorite dessert. If the cat immediately approaches the person, then the necessary contact between the person and the cat has already been established. Treatment can begin. Approach the cat politely with a request for help. Show the cat the sick spot. If such contact does not take place, then approach the cat and start petting the cat. The cat will literally “stick” itself to the sick place on the human body very quickly.
  3. The cat will not want to play with a seriously ill person. The cat will still lie next to that person for a long time and purr, massage with its claws. In these cases, the improvement often appears already after the first session.
  4. Cats can cure (treat) adults with loco-motor system pathology and children with cerebral palsy differently. Cats “rub themselves” several times against immobile limbs. Cats gently push with the patient and lick. This is exactly how they perform a useful and necessary massage.
  5. Cat owners rarely have chronic diseases of the digestive tract, problems with the respiratory organs, colds and flu. Any cat is an excellent psychotherapist. Regular communication with a cat drives away bad mood, depression and sleep problems. The cat is even able to cure cardiovascular diseases, reduce fatigue and headaches, increase circulation, relieve (or significantly reduce) people from stomach, intestinal and liver pain. Gerontologists believe that cats are the “elixir of youth” for their owners. Scientists have proven that daily companionship with a cat is an excellent prevention against oncological diseases. People who have had a heart attack or have hypertension should also have a cat because it will speed up the normalization of the condition.
  6. Cats treat arrhythmia – a disturbance in the frequency or sequence of heartbeats can be the result of cardiovascular diseases, nervousness, alcohol and nicotine intoxication, etc. A cat can help a lot in this condition because a person will literally feel relief after a few minutes. For treatment, it is necessary to pet the cat for a few minutes or allow the cat to lie on your chest. Such sessions should be performed daily for 10 to 14 days in case of heart rhythm disturbances. The improvement of the condition is noticed already after 2 to 3 days – according to the rules of practice.
  7. Cats help people with sciatica – severe back pain is the main symptom of sciatica. The doctor will of course prescribe medical therapy, but the help of the cat should not be avoided. Cats with long hair will be the best help here. Let the owner lie on his stomach. Invite the cat to lie on your back. The cat will most likely do a cross massage. Then the cat will comfortably settle on its back and warm your body with its own. Belts made of cat hair are perfect for treating sciatica.




    • Dear Ruudi,

      Many thanks for your comment. Great if you already having a cat. But some animals will have a better treatment if choose to stay with us (humans) not outside somewhere else. Wish you all the best. Amela


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