9 common habits that are not harmless

9 common habits that are not completely harmless
People consider many established habits and product usage to be healthy and harmless. Various factors (including the recommendations of well-known nutritionists, doctors and beauticians) affect each individual. Nevertheless, experts conclude that it makes sense to give up some common habits.

  1. Excessive use of protective creams – the sun’s rays do not become harmless even when summer and high temperatures pass. Just then, the most dangerous factor for the development of skin cancer and premature aging are. All doctors always recommend that creams with UV protection be used all year round. However, careful use is also necessary here. Because excessive use of creams with UV protection can cause vitamin D deficiency and the appearance of multiple sclerosis – say scientists and doctors. The best protection against direct sun exposure on the skin is the choice and use of a cream with UV protection according to your skin type.
  2. People are enthusiastic about fruits and vegetables – vegetables and fruits are an integral part of a balanced diet. however, a person should have a measure. If there are more than 7 servings of vegetables and more than 5 servings of fruit on our daily menu, then there may be stagnation in the digestive organs. The recommendation is daily consumption of a maximum of 4 to 5 portions of vegetables and fruits. Doctors advise giving preference to seasonal fruits and vegetables grown in your climate.
  3. People sometimes have the habit of eating peeled apples (without the skin).-Many people like to peel an apple before consumption. This is for fear that the peel contains chemical substances (necessary for the long shelf life of the apple). Doctors say that you simply wash the fruit before eating. Quercetin is found right in the bark. Quercetin is the main antioxidant (which is contained in apple peel). A person deprives the heart of support by peeling apples from the precious peel.
  4. People often completely give up the use of fat – people want to protect themselves from obesity and atherosclerosis. That is why they completely give up the use of fat in dishes. Useful fats, however, contribute to the body absorbing important vitamins and micro-elements from the product. The norm of use of useful fats varies from 44 to 78 grams per day. Useful fats are cold-pressed olive oil, linseed oil, oil from nuts (almond, walnut, Brazil nut oil, etc.), sesame, but also fats containing fatty types of fish (wild salmon, herring, mackerel, tuna).
  5. Frequent multi-hour and daily lighting of scented candles and sticks-scientists of the Russian Psychological Society conducted research on the regular inhalation of aromatic candles and sticks on the human body. Scientists have concluded that daily inhalation of these products for several hours is risky until the appearance of lung cancer, brain tumor or leukemia.
  6. Constant checking of e-mail – scientists from Russia have concluded that e-mail is a frequent cause of stress and frustration. Constant and frequent checking of e-mail reduces the work productivity of employees, but also the level of relaxation and well-being of employees.
  7. The person drinks a lot of energy drinks – energy drinks speed up the heart rate even though they contribute to the influx of strength and energy. Here too, the individual should be moderate. Consuming large amounts of energy drinks can cause an abnormal increase in heart contractions.
  8. Be careful with analgesics a person’s sense of joy is dulled when taking analgesics. This was concluded by Russian scientists from the University of Saint Peters burg. They concluded that analgesics reduce pain but can change a person’s emotional perception.
  9. Waking up in the morning with the loud sound of the alarm clock – many people have a problem with waking up in the morning. Then he set the alarm clock for a certain time in the morning, but with a strong and loud sound of the alarm clock. The sharp and loud sound of the alarm clock in the morning can increase the level of the hormone cortisol and cause stress. Chronic fatigue and stress appear immediately in the morning when the alarm clock sounds louder every day.




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