Ethics is the main reason for vegetarianism and veganism

Ethics is the main reason for vegetarianism and veganism
The basic reason for a vegetarian and vegan diet is ethical. This type of diet, however, shows benefits for cataracts, kidney stones, joint pain, diabetes type “, myocardial infarction, etc.
Vegetarianism is not recommended for children. It is best to start with it after the body has matured, i.e. at the age of 18 (if there are no contraindications and a tendency to serious diseases). Vegetarianism is prohibited for pregnant and lactating women.
Vegans have colon and small bowel cancer more often than people who eat meat all the time.
Vegetarians are people who primarily eat plant-based foods. There are several directions in the vegetarian diet. In some, milk and milk products, eggs and poultry are allowed, while in others these foods are prohibited.
Every vegetarian actually has to decide what to eat
And this does not mean that every vegetarian always follows the rules in reality, even though he follows the rules in words. Vegans have even stricter rules. Veganism prohibits meat, fish, milk and eggs. The basic reason is ethical – followers will not eat other living things even though plants can eat. It is a psychological reaction of feeling guilty, which is expressed in many people for various reasons.
By accepting the strict principles of a vegan diet, a person gets rid of that feeling of guilt, which makes him feel better mentally.
Many religions use vegetarian restrictions
The time of abstaining from food is spent in peace and submission. The most important thing is that a person likes such a choice and should not suffer because of that choice/restriction. On the contrary, one should rejoice in one’s own strength and persistence to adhere to strict rules regarding nutrition and life.
Today, some doctors, medical associations, medical clinics suggest vegetarianism. The goal is treatment, primary and secondary prevention of various diseases. Often, the first way to overcome a disease (for people who have a genetic predisposition to a disease) is precisely vegetarianism and dietary nutrition. This is a suggestion before starting to use drugs of chemical and synthetic origin.
There are studies that say that the lifespan of vegetarians is about 3% longer than people who eat meat. But many people in India and other parts of the world are forced to eat only plant foods due to poorer material/economic conditions (not for health reasons) because non-animal foods are cheaper.
Scientific research establishes that removing meat from the diet has a beneficial effect on improving a person’s health. For example, vegetarians who suffer from cataracts are 2x less than among people who eat meat.
Vegans get kidney stones 3 times less often than people who eat meat. A clearly expressed tendency to reduce joint diseases (arthritis, arthrosis), type 2 diabetes was observed. Vegetarians and vegans die 25% less often from myocardial infarction and have a much higher intellectual level than people who eat meat. Vegans have lower blood pressure. But there was no noticeable difference between vegans and non-vegans (meat eaters) regarding strokes.
B12 is a unique and necessary vitamin that can only be obtained from meat. Vegetarians can occasionally take this vitamin (in the form of capsules, tablets, injections and liquid form) convincing themselves that these molecules are artificially synthesized in a laboratory.
Vitamin D is another important vitamin
You can drink capsules with vitamin D, expose yourself to enough sun – instead of fish oil.
Any meat-eater who gets sick with a serious disease can try to start using a vegetarian diet (one week, 2 weeks, 3 weeks) with other treatment measures and the consent and approval of the doctor. Thus, a short-term regimen will not cause harm, although a certain belief in the success of using herbal nutrition is required. It often happens that the doctor suggests a diet (vegetarian) diet, which causes the patient to resent it. Such is human psychology.
It should be known that the temporary use of a vegetarian diet is always useful in the case of kidney pathology, diabetes, heart disease and many other diseases – say gastroenterologists.
The health condition of the body will not seriously deteriorate if a person stops consuming meat, eggs and fish for one, two or three weeks – doctors and specialists in gastroenterology conclude.

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