Home-made soaps with oils and other fats


Home-made soaps with oils and other fats
Cocoa butter has the property of moisturizing and protecting the skin from drying out – that’s why it is a common ingredient in natural homemade soaps. Grape seed oil has rejuvenating properties. Natural soaps solve acne on the face due to other healing properties. You can use natural oil soaps for massage or in the form of hard body cream.


Chapped lips are enough to carefully pass oil soap over the lips. The skin will be soft without flaking.


Using oil soaps is simple. Warm the soap with your hands while you are in the shower. Wash your body with soap. The soap will start to melt, becoming oil (or milk) depending on the composition.

  1. Homemade soap with cocoa butter
    Homemade natural soap for rejuvenation, hydration and skin care – people with dry and dehydrated skin, with weak tone and skin prone to flaking are recommended to put cocoa butter in the soap. Cocoa butter will moisturize and soften the skin. It has a protective effect. It serves as a means of wound healing and rejuvenation. For this type of skin, it is advisable to add shea butter (which moisturizes, restores sensitive skin and reduces irritation).
    To prepare soap, you need a mixing bowl, a spoon, a scale, molds (muffin or candy molds or silicone ice molds can be used). Ingredients: 40 g of cocoa butter, 10 g of shea butter, 15 g of beeswax, one small spoon of grated bitter chocolate, 5 drops of vitamin A and 5 drops of vitamin E, one spoon of baby powder, 5 drops of cinnamon essential oil.
    Method of preparation – Melt shea butter and cocoa butter over steam. Add beeswax. Stir until the mixture dissolves. Add the chocolate. Mix carefully. Remove from heat. Add vitamins and powder when the mixture has cooled. Mix until you get a uniform mixture. Add the essential oil at the end. Pour the resulting mass into molds. Place in the molds so that the soaps cool completely and harden.
  2. Homemade soap against acne and pimples
    Use hydrophilic soaps (can also be used to remove makeup) against acne, blackheads and pimples. You need 25 g of cocoa butter, 20 g of shea butter, 15 g of sweet almond oil, 15 g of tea tree oil, 25 g of emulsion wax, 5 drops of vitamin E.
    Method of preparation – melt cocoa butter, shea butter and emulsion wax over steam. Mix until you get a uniform mixture. Remove the pan from the heat. Cool, then add almond oil, tea tree oil, vitamin E. Mix carefully. Pour the finished mixture into the molds. Keep in the fridge until the soaps harden.
  3. Homemade natural soap for establishing subcutaneous microcirculation and balance (for oily skin)
    This soap is useful after intensive physical efforts. Then there is increased sweating and disruption of the water-lipid balance of the skin. Hydrophilic soaps are used for showering. Classic healing oils, but also coconut oil (because it has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects on the skin) are added to these hydrophilic soaps. In addition, use grape seed oil, which normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands and has a rejuvenating effect. Almond oil helps establish subcutaneous microcirculation. By adding menthol to hydrophilic soaps, an antibacterial and mild analgesic effect is achieved. It relieves itching and muscle spasms.
    Homemade natural soap for oily skin – 100 g of cocoa butter, 15 g of shea butter, 15 g of coconut oil, 7 g of almond oil and 7 g of grape seed oil, 30 g of emulsion wax, 3 drops of vitamin E, 7 to 9 crystals of natural menthol .
    Method of preparation – melt cocoa butter and emulsion wax over steam. Add the other oils. Mix it up. Remove from heat. Add vitamin E. Add crushed menthol crystals to the mixture. Mix until you get a uniform mixture. Pour the finished mixture into the molds. Keep in the fridge until the soaps set and become solid.





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