10 useful and effective “negations” for healthy sleep for people of all ages


10 useful and effective “negations” for healthy sleep
Doctors of ancient China wrote down 10 tips for a peaceful and quite night. The advice instructs each person on avoiding negativity and adopting positive actions.

  1. Do not sleep on your back – the body is not relaxed in such a position. The muscles remain tense. The hands can easily be on the chest (which causes nightmares, makes it difficult to breathe and pulse, etc.). sleep on your side with your legs bent at the knees. Every person must stretch after waking up.
  2. Don’t worry before going to bed – avoid the excitement of difficult topics or overthinking as much as possible.
  3. Do not sleep with your head close to the source of heat – the heat can have a bad effect on the person (making the head heavy and the eyes red). Heat near the head can even cause a cold.
  4. Do not be angry, especially in the evening – this disrupts the normal flow of night (life energy) and blood, causing insomnia and illness.
  5. Do not eat excessively before going to bed – a large dinner puts a strain on the stomach and intestines. This is reflected in sleep. “Undigested food disturbs sleep,” says a popular Chinese proverb.
  6. Do not sleep with your face facing the light source – this does not allow the mind to be calm. It makes the process of falling into a deep sleep and sleep in general more difficult.
  7. Do not sleep with your mouth open – this allows, among other things, cold air and dust to reach the lungs (the person feels bad because of this).
  8. Do not have long conversations before going to sleep – long conversations cause insomnia and restlessness.
  9. Do not cover yourself with a blanket over your head – this makes it difficult to breathe normally because there is no air under the blanket.
  10. Do not sleep in a draft – wind is the cause of many diseases. The wind is always unpredictable in its changes of direction. There is always a possibility that the wind will harm the body and cause illness.
    It is useful for a good sleep:
  • wash your feet in warm water before going to bed (this will stimulate the flow of chi energy and circulation)
  • it is better for middle-aged and elderly people to sleep in a soft and comfortable bed under a warm and soft blanket.
  • The pillow should be neither too high nor too low
    use a pillow filled with medicinal herbs and plants due to poor health.
  • old Chinese doctors used to say, “Long sleep harms the vital energy.” They believed that sleep should be moderate while avoiding lack of sleep and excessive sleep.
  • They recommended 8 hours of sleep for people up to 70 years old. They recommended 9 hours of sleep for people between 70 and 90 years of age. People over 90 were recommended to sleep 10 to 12 hours.


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