A delicate Chinese exercise against hemorrhoids


A delicate Chinese exercise against hemorrhoids
Traditional Chinese medicine is close to many people today. Chinese doctors have been searching for ways and solutions to many health problems for centuries.
The muscle tightening exercise was described by Sun Simjao, a famous doctor of the Tan Dynasty. Doctor Simjao described the exercise against hemorrhoids in the tract “Recipes in the pillow”. Today, his method is used by other doctors and specialists in “gi gung” therapy.
This exercise helps against internal and external hemorrhoids, colon prolapse and fistulas. It stimulates intestinal peristalsis, removes blood stagnation, activates the rectal muscles, thereby preventing swelling of veins and swollen veins.
The so-called “breathing” part of gymnastics strengthens the work of the cardiovascular system, accelerates blood flow and lowers blood pressure.
So-called “rectal tightening”
Brief explanation of the exercise breathe in, lick, tighten and squeeze.
-breathe in- literally breathe in
-lick- indicates that the person should lick the upper jaw (palate)
-tighten- means that the person tightens the rectum
-hold-indicates that the person holds his breath
Do the exercise in the following way: Relax. Take a breath. Firmly squeeze and tighten the thighs (thighs) and buttocks. Exhale/exhale. At the same time, lick the upper part of the jaw (upper palate). Pull the rectum in as much as possible as if you are holding a defecation (digestive since). Hold your breath. Exhale. Relax completely while relaxing your leg and thigh muscles. You can do the exercise anytime and anywhere sitting, lying down or standing. You can do the exercise in the morning and in the evening.
5 important rules

  1. Do the exercise continuously and daily.
  2. Limit spicy and hot foods. Give up products that cause poor digestion (fast food, white pastries, meat in combination with potatoes or rice)
  3. When defecating, do not sit on the toilet for a long time. Do not read or use a mobile phone. Focus on defecating quickly.
  4. Maintain rectal hygiene. Put warm compresses on the rectum. Massage the muscles gently to improve circulation. Wash the rectum after each defecation.
  5. In case of strong cracks in the rectum, inflammatory condition of hemorrhoids, prolapse or acute inflammatory condition of the colon, then do not do the exercise. Start the exercise only when you have fully recovered.

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