Medicinal autumn-winter cauldron with ginger

Medicinal autumn-winter cauldron with ginger
This medicinal cocktail strengthens immunity, improves digestion and preserves youth. The cocktail is medicinal due to its rich vitamin composition.

Cocktail with ginger – first prepare milk from wheat sprouts. That’s why you need a glass of sprouted wheat grains and 4 glasses of water. Grind the grains in a meat grinder. It is preferable to add water little by little. Pour another 2 glasses of water. Use the yeast (left over from milk) to make sweets, bread and cakes. Add 2 bananas, one small spoonful of ginger root juice, one small spoonful of cocoa and one spoonful of honey to the strained milk from the sprouts. One spoonful of cinnamon (which has aphrodisiac properties) can be added. Whip the sauce in a blender. The medicinal drink can be drunk daily.
  1. Ginger improves digestion very well. Back in ancient times, a ginger drink was often on tables and dinners “so that users would not have stomach problems after eating”.
  2. Ginger contains “agni” – a large amount of biological fire that warms in winter and strengthens the metabolism.
  3. Ginger is the plant of youth. Restores immunity and protects against colds.
  4. Ginger is one of the rare products whose beneficial properties are not lost during long freezing.
  5. Cut the ginger root. Cook in sugar syrup. You get candied fruit with a strong and aromatic taste (which also relieves a sore throat).
  6. Other spices can be used (as a substitute) instead of ginger for medicinal drinks. It can be anise, cardamom or vanilla.

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