Position during sleep provides useful information


Position during sleep provides useful information
Sleeping on your side (especially the left side of your body) is probably the healthiest position. Sleeping on the left side of the body is pleasant for the stomach and pancreas. The load on the liver and lymphatic system is reduced and the body is actively cleansed. But, the signal for alarm is sleeping on the left side in the fetal position (knees together against the chest, i.e. fetal position). Many positions are more comfortable or more common according to the needs of the sleeper.
If a person wakes up in an unusual (and atypical) and incongruous position – then this is a signal to visit a doctor.

  1. Fetal position during sleep (knees bent and chest pressed) – this can be a sign of stomach ulcer, low blood pressure, depression and neurosis.
  2. Position on the side and holding the hands under the cheek – according to the rules of practice, this position indicates initial tonsillitis or sinusitis. The same pose is loved by people suffering from osteochondrosis of the neck.
  3. Semi-sitting position during sleep and striving for a large amount of pillows under the head – this is a consequence of cardiac muscle dysfunction. A completely horizontal position makes it difficult for the heart to work, causing shortness of breath. That’s why the organism suggests a harmless pose for the organism – precisely the pose with a high headboard. This pose helps people with breathing problems (asthma, cough, etc.).
  4. A person sleeps on his back – according to research, in this position during sleep, the amount of oxygen in the blood decreases. This can be accompanied by frequent colds. If the person still often bends the knees in this position – then the initial stage of vein enlargement is not excluded. Such a position facilitates the blood flow and relieves the veins and heart of additional load.
  5. Sleeping on your back with outstretched arms – this position means that there is a risk of asthmatic bronchitis.
  6. Sleeping on the left side – this position eases the condition of diabetes, liver and right kidney disease. Such sleep is accompanied by snoring and difficulty breathing (which can even cause a stoppage).
  7. The position of sleeping on the stomach (or in the fetal form) – suitable for people who have problems with the stomach and intestines or complain of pain in the spine. Thus, they reduce the load in the problem area.
  8. Covering the head with a pillow during sleep – this indicates problems with the auditory nerve.









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