The biggest “cemetery” of old tires in the world is in Kuwait

The biggest “cemetery” of old tires in the world is in Kuwait
The largest cemetery of old tires on the planet is near the city of Al Jahr, only 30 km from Kuwait (the capital of the small Arab state of Kuwait). The cemetery has an area of ​​about 25,000 square meters. An incredible 52 million old, used and used car and truck tires are waiting for recycling there. Tires have been collected in Arab countries during the last 2 decades. The desert has incredibly high temperatures in the summer (around 50°C). These hot climatic conditions and probably the negligence of the employees were also the cause of the big fire in August 2021. In a big blazing fire, 7 million tires were burnt. The huge fire was brought under control only after a few days of the fire, thanks to the incredible efforts of the local fire services. Big black and smelly smoke was then visible from space. Fortunately, the wind blew the fire further towards the open sea of ​​the Persian Gulf. Namely, it is not the first fire of such proportions in that location. A similar disaster happened in 2012. At that time, about 5 million tires were burned in a fire.

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