5 tips from various medical fields about the consumption of sweet food

5 tips from various medical fields about the consumption of sweet food
Various doctors advise alternative ways of consuming sweet foods and ways of consuming sweets in general

  1. Psychology – willpower will not help people who like to eat sweets excessively. Sweets (if there are no contraindications) can be eaten until 6 pm in the following amounts: 2 to 3 spoons of honey or sugar, candy bars, 3 to 4 chocolate cubes, 2 jelly candies, 3 caramels – one of these options. 100 grams of flour (the amount in one palm) or 3 pieces of bread or one cake or 3 to 4 biscuits or 3 waffles or one smaller piece of cake. The amount of fruit is 250 grams to 300 grams of fruit (or berries).
  2. Physiology – the brain controls the amount of sweets a person eats. A hungry person is likely to eat more sweets. The craving disappears if the brain sends a signal that the body is fed. You should eat protein food, milk and porridge with milk, meat, chicken, beans. The amount of food in a meal should be 300 to 400 grams. And 100 g to 150 g of cow’s cheese and a cup of coffee (or tea) with sugar or one candy will cause a person to forget about sweets for several hours.
  3. Dietetics – side dishes (cereals, pasta, potatoes and rye bread) will help in the fight against sweets. Long-acting carbohydrates do not cause a sudden spike in blood sugar. Conversely, a person will eat a reasonable amount of sweets if they eat porridge with yogurt (for breakfast), soup with a piece of rye bread for lunch and a side dish for dinner. He won’t even remember sweets. And sweets warm the body. If a person takes biscuits, then he should know that the body lacks the heat from sweets. Replace sweet products with sweet vegetables (carrots) or warm porridge.
  4. Gastroenterology – let the stomach decide on your choice of food. The stomach appreciates only proteins. With the consumption of porridge with milk, cheesecake, soup with meat, fish or steak, then a person will not want sweets for a certain time.
  5. Nutrition – drink preparations with chromium. Namely, the deficiency of chromium is probably the reason for the tendency to sweets (frequent consumption of sweets).

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