7 foods that are useful to eat with the peel

7 foods that are useful to eat with the peel
We eat many kinds of fruits and vegetables without the peel. In some cases, we peel the bark for hygienic reasons and to remove toxins and nitrates (which accumulate in the bark). However, there are products whose peel is precious and contains the most valuable components of these products. Fruits and vegetables should then be ecologically clean. Remove/peel the skin in rare cases (for example, if you are not sure that the products have not been treated with special means for extended preservation).

  1. Eggplant – cooks often peel off the fleshy skin of eggplant during the preparation of ragu soup and other dishes. The bark contains the antioxidant nasunin (useful because it protects cells thus delaying aging, strengthens memory and alleviates mental problems including problems due to Alzheimer’s disease). Eggplant with skin can be baked in the oven.
  2. Carrot – by removing the top layer, most of the antioxidants and microelements are removed. It is enough to wash the carrot well under running water. The amount of antioxidants increases 3 times during heat treatment. The peel does not need to be cleaned. The duration of cooking carrots should be no more than 25 minutes.
  3. Cucumbers – most people peel cucumbers. However, the peel contains vitamins B1, B2, potassium, calcium, magnesium, carotene and biotin. The bark also contains valuable fibers. The use of cucumbers with the skin strengthens the immunity, stimulates the work of the intestines and the cardiovascular system.
  4. White carrot-or parsnip is a root fruit. Most of the vitamins and minerals are in the peel. You can bake white mallow in the oven or cook it with the skin if you want to get folic acid and manganese from this food.
  5. Apples – the flavonoid quercetin is a component in the peel of an apple. This component is included in the group of strongest natural antioxidants. The flavonoid quercetin is able to reliably protect cells from the effects of free radicals. Apples are also extremely rich in cellulose. It is therefore preferable to eat apples with the skin on.
  6. Potatoes – 20% of all useful elements and enzymes (calcium, zinc, cellulose, etc.) are found in the skin of the potato, according to the results of the latest research by nutritionists. It is most useful to eat chromir baked with the skin on.
  7. Sweet potatoes – sweet potatoes can be eaten raw (unlike regular potatoes). Sweet potatoes contain many useful substances including proteins. It has a low glycemic index. It is recommended for people with diabetes who use a diet. The peel contains potassium, beta-carotene, vitamin C. The optimal way to prepare sweet potatoes is to bake them in the oven. Or try raw sweet potatoes.

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