Dried fruit does not contain fat, salt and cholesterol, but should be measured


Dried fruit does not contain fat, salt and cholesterol, but should be measured
Dried fruit is a superfood. Many people like to eat dried fruit or add it to porridge, smoothies or yogurt.


Dried fruit is useful only if consumed in moderation and in certain quantities.


6 useful facts about dried fruit versus fresh fruit

  1. Fresh fruit contains useful vitamins and antioxidants. When drying fruit, a part of useful substances is destroyed. The method of drying the fruit is not important (exposed naturally in the sun, in an oven at low temperatures and in an industrial drying apparatus). The result is always the same that dried fruit contains less nutritional value than fresh fruit. Vitamin C, antioxidants, calcium and potassium are lost by drying. Useful substances (for comparison) are lost even without drying. With every day that fresh fruit (removed from the stem) remains in storage or on the store shelf, the level of vitamins and antioxidants decreases. Freshly picked or recently picked fruit is the most useful. It is better to buy fruit at the markets if you do not have your own fruit growing.
  2. Dried fruit raises the blood sugar level much more than fresh fruit. One dry date contains twice as much sugar as an apple. Half a glass of dried grapes has twice as much sugar as the same amount of fresh grapes. It also turns out that some dried fruit producers sprinkle the fruit with powdered sugar to improve the taste and dip the berries in apple juice. In essence, we are eating sweetened (with sugar) dried fruit. We can only guess how much this sweetness raises the blood sugar level.
  3. Dry fruits are useful against back pain – everyone experiences back pain at some point (due to long sitting or hard physical work). The solution to this problem is the use of combined dried fruits. Namely, there is a natural combination of pieces of dry fruit that solves this type of pain and offers complete healing after 2 months. A person will feel significant positive changes after a few days of application. Before going to bed every night, eat one dried fig, one dried apricot and 5 prunes. These fruits contain substances that stimulate tissue regeneration (which is located between the vertebrae). Thus, the vertebrae of the spine become stronger and firmer. The combination of these fruits is extremely effective against back pain and is an equally useful medicine for women and men.
  4. Dried fruits can be a source of sulfurdried fruits often look attractive in stores. This appearance is due to the processing of dried fruit with sulfur dioxide. This substance extends the service life and improves the external appearance. Due to this, dried fruit standing on the shelves for a year or 2 -looks like it was dried yesterday. For some people, contact with sulfur dioxide leaves consequences. Namely, after using dried fruit treated with sulfur dioxide, stomach pain, rashes and other allergic reactions, up to suffocation attacks, may occur.
  5. Dried fruit is a high-calorie product – half a glass of fresh grapes contains 50 calories, while the same amount of dried grapes contains as many as 250 calories (or 5 times more). Fresh juicy fruit contains a lot of moisture, which weakens the concentration of calories. The liquid evaporates due to the drying of each type of fruit. Caloric content then increases sharply. And the problem is people’s habits. For example, one dry date has 70 calories and the same amount is in a whole fresh apple. We eat the whole apple, but we always eat more than 1 dry date. No one stops at just one dried date. People should change their habits and eat dried fruits in moderation.
  6. Dried fruits are certainly useful in many ways, but in moderate quantities – dried fruits contain a lot of sugar and calories, but also plenty of useful substances. They contain cellulose, iron, beta-carotene and other useful substances. It is always advisable to snack on dried fruits (regardless of their high calorie content) rather than sweets, cakes, candies and other products with a lot of sugar. Dry fruits do not contain salts, fats and cholesterol. It is useful to add dried fruit to yogurt, muesli, smoothies, porridge. You should pay attention to the amount of dried fruit. There will be no harm from one dry fruit. It is also always better to eat dried fruits with 2 to 3 walnuts (or almonds) because they are rich in healthy fats for the heart and blood vessels.



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