One should not strive for complete silence because even in nature there is no complete silence


One should not strive for complete silence because even in nature there is no complete silence
Silence is very healing for people
Each person’s own comfort is especially important (especially in a home where a person wants rest and relaxation). But people often do not think about the aspects that make the atmosphere of the space pleasant and what can be associated with an unpleasant feeling. The noise level in the home is one of the important factors

  1. Sound microclimate – the environment in which a person lives is called “micro-climate”. The basic indicators of the micro-climate of a house or apartment are: air or surface temperature, the relationship between humidity and air flow, and the intensity of thermal radiation. A person does not feel discomfort if these indicators are within normal limits. The microclimate in the home is also formed as an influence of the external environment, especially the construction of the house and the heating and ventilation system. The noise level in the home and behind the window is also included in the list of microclimate quality indicators.
  2. The fight for silence has a centuries-old tradition – Julius Caesar even banned night carriage driving almost 2000 years ago. And 400 years ago, the English Queen Elizabeth III did not allow husbands to punish their own wives after 10 o’clock in the evening (so that their cries would not disturb the neighbors).
  3. Silence is necessary – people encounter unusual noises during the day. Many sounds (and unpleasant ones) surround us every day. People who are away from home all day and every day (due to work and other activities) always look forward to resting in silence. However, it often happens that the rest is not of high quality due to various types of noise from the environment. Scientists have determined that every 10 decibels of medium noise raises arterial pressure by 1.5 to 2 mm of mercury and increases the risk of stroke by 10%. And the constant influence of sound weakens the human nervous system and causes mental illnesses. Noise is also a cause of premature aging. In 30 cases (out of 100 cases), noise reduces the length of life of people in larger cities by 8 to 12 years. Thus, noise causes discomfort to people and can seriously endanger precious health.
  4. Remove all sources of unwanted and increased noise in the home – remove all sources of increased noise that are available to you in the home. Man has no influence on the external source of noise, but installed windows and doors with a high degree of isolation (from noise) is the minimum that can be done. Try to spend at least a few minutes in silence every day. A person can protect himself from city noise in a museum, library, church, or a corner in the park. Switching off for 20 to 30 minutes from sounds has a beneficial effect on arterial pressure and pulse. Analyze the day. You will realize that the radio does not have to be turned on immediately after entering the car, nor the TV when entering the home. After all, an evening bath is the most pleasant way to disconnect from the sounds. Close the door and turn off the phone. All these simple measures will have a positive impact on overall health. Silence will bring benefits, and one can go one step further and use silence as a way of solving physical ailments.
  5. Certain sounds are not harmful but, on the contrary, beneficial to man – man should not strive for complete silence because even in nature there is not complete silence. Scientists have investigated the impact of noise on a person’s ability to guess a sound signal and where that sound comes from. It has been shown that low noise in the range of up to 20 decibels and medium noise of 40 to 60 decibels do not disturb people but are useful sounds for people (which can help people in some cases). One’s own singing, for example, will not absolutely prevent a person from hearing an external sound.

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