5 tips to preserve the working capacity of the brain and prevent forgetfulness

5 tips to preserve the working capacity of the brain and prevent forgetfulness
There are tips that can prevent memory loss and delay forgetfulness. Prevention of senility gives excellent results. No one wants to experience senility. Of course, it is simpler to deal with the prevention of Alzheimer’s disease and dementia, but treatment in the initial phase is also effective. In some cases, memory even improves. It is necessary to rely on the doctor’s opinion and, with the doctor’s approval, apply some folk methods of treatment.

  1. Water and medicinal herbs – it is believed that memory weakens due to lack of water in the body. It is recommended to supplement the medical treatment with drinking water (1.5 liters to 2 liters) daily in breaks between meals, according to feelings and needs. It is best to drink water an hour to an hour and a half after eating and half an hour before eating. Mix 5 g of ginseng roots and Chinese schisandra beans. Place in an enameled container. Pour over a liter of boiling water and cook for 15 minutes. Drink the herbal liquid several times a day. Folk medicine recommends the herb “Leonurus cardiaca” in the second half of the day and in the form of a tincture.
  2. Kalanhoia (or indoor ginseng) – “sprouts” are arranged at the ends of the plant. Folk medicine recommends that a person eat one spoonful of fresh sprouts (to preserve the working capacity of the brain and delay aging). Or drink the strained juice.
  3. To strengthen the blood flow of the brain – there are generally accepted herbal remedies against forgetfulness. These are ginkgo biloba, a plant from which a tincture can be made (but it is better to buy a tincture in a pharmacy to avoid possible falsified raw materials) and wintergreen (Latin Vinca minor), from which a tincture and herbal liquid/drink can be made. Wintergreen preparations are taken for 4 to 6 months or even longer. These preparations have an extremely nootropic effect (strengthen blood flow in the brain, memory and brain activity), reduce dizziness and headache. Wintergreen is used against atherosclerosis of blood vessels, hypertension, after a stroke, during spasm of blood vessels in the brain and against forgetfulness. You should stick to the recommended doses, because in the event of an overdose, the heart’s work will be disturbed.
  4. Use of nootropic preparations – nootropic preparations improve energy processes and blood flow to the brain. They also increase the brain’s resistance to hypoxia (a condition where the amount of oxygen in cells and tissues is reduced). These medicinal agents activate the brain’s intellectual abilities and strengthen memory.
  5. Natural remedies and folk preparations for better brain function and better memorythese are primarily honey-based mixtures. This mixture stimulates the activity of the cerebrum and strengthens memory. 10 lemons and 10 chopped pieces of garlic are squeezed into a kilogram of honey. Mix the ingredients and keep for up to seven days in a closed jar. Take 4 small spoons once a day for 2 months. This remedy heals both mentally and physically (even completely exhausted people). Drink thyme tea daily because it is useful for better brain function. Put a spoonful of raw material in a cup of boiled water. A natural nootropic is also a jelly obtained by long-term cooking (10 to 12 hours) by boiling a beef head.

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